What is a "colorway"?

I keep seeing this term used but I have no idea what it is!

It’s just the yarn-method of saying “color and pattern” - so that, for instance, the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk I bought in a pretty lavender shade is Colorway #114 - Wisteria. And the KP Shimmer I have that’s variegated in shades of pink and yellow is Colorway Happy Dance. :slight_smile:


I just couldn’t figure that out!

I am in TN too, NE corner!

Middle part for me, about 35 mi south of Music City USA. :slight_smile:

The other common usage is when a pattern or kit is available in multiple colour schemes; Say, for example your choice between a blend of blues and greens
OR reds and oranges

That makes sense in the context I saw it used!