What I did today and what first crossed my mind

Today after my lunch yard duty, when I was just barely home, a near-by new friend and her boys (also home schoolers) stopped by and invited us out for a bike ride.

I decided to forgo my lunch (only had crackers and cheese at that point) and the kids and I ran out to bike. What I didn’t notice is that Dh loosened DD’s training wheel on the one side.

DD was really lagging behind so I decided to do what we normally do and I grabbed her handle bar and we took off and caught up. I was thrilled to not hear the sounds of her training wheel and her balance was excellent.

So naturally we’d just hit gravel, still going kind of fast, I let go of her handle bar. I could almost feel her falling instantly and reached out to try and get her handle bar back.

Only she tipped toward me and very quickly wiped out my bike. I went flying forwards and took off the bottom lower portions of my hands, near the wrists. It isn’t too bad now, mainly a messy gravelly shredded mass of skin.

What totally embarrassed me is that because I hadn’t eaten much I fainted several times in a row and then ended up with the ‘shock shakes.’

My son and her eldest son had to race home with the DD’s and my bike and get my husband as I wasn’t able to stay upright for more than a few seconds. Naturally I tried to get up and check on my daughter but kept fainting!

I distinctly remember telling her I had better be able to knit because I wanted to finish my hat!

My daughter has a large bruise but thankfully my reaching out kind of threw her off toward the grass and she has been bouncy and active all afternoon.

My DH took me home and made me Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches. After about 1/2 an hour I had to quick check if I could still knit! But since my finger tips are fine, just the pads of my hands are raw, I managed to finish of my hat I started last night…

Anyhow, there’s my afternoon!

Its nice to know that when I’m laying on a gravel road, half in a mud puddle and I can’t move because I keep fainting I keep my priorities straight!

Truly, being able to knit is the only priority.

Songbirdy, I hope you recover soon!

:hug: :hug: and :roflhard: and :hug: :hug:

Take good care of yourself, but thanks for sharing.

The LOL is just because of your priorities in a dire situation! Right on - and knit on! You’ve got the best excuse now.

Good healing thoughts,

Goodness, I’m glad you are OK! That must really hurt! :hug:

Not too badly right now. It did but I think the knitting loosened it up. Its a dull burning pain… noticeable but I’ve felt worse!

Oh dear! That is going to hurt in the morning! Those bruises and such from falling always show up the next day:pout:
This is why I don’t bike. This is why I don’t sled. This is why I don’t rollerskate, rollerblade, ice skate, or do anything more than try to get up and down stairs in a semi-gracefull manner. I fall down, I break bones, I get stitches, I end up in the ER. Just today I forgot (for the billionth time) that I had left my desk drawer open and promply rammed my thigh into it. Again.
I hope you feel better! Ibuprophen will help with the pain and the swelling

Ouch! Glad to hear that at least you were able to keep your priorities straight though. :wink:

Gloves m’lady, gloves. As necessary as a helmet.

Sorry you did a crash and burn. I’ve had a few myself. That’s one reason I like riding a recumbent, they’re closer to the ground so you don’t fall as far. :rofl:

I’m glad you can still knit, and hope you heal up soon. Aloe is very good for road rash.

Songbird, I’m SO sorry that you crashed, but SO glad you posted this! That totally cracked me up.

Hope your hands heal up soon. :slight_smile:

Ouch. Glad it wasn’t worse and you can still knit. :thumbsup:

OMG!! I know how that feels, but I second the call for gloves. I crashed last summer and landed right on my hands. I broke a bone in my hand but since I was wearing gloves I didn’t have a single scratch! Much easier to recover.

I also recommend a helmet, if for no other reason than it will save you soooo much time if you ever end up in the ER. It’s like a get through fast card! (hope this didn’t sound too preachy, but helmets are really important)

Songbirdy, you know you’re a knitter when… I think you win the prize!!

:slight_smile: I did post because I thought you all could appreciate the humour in this!

For the record I did have a helmet on, but those gloves are on my next purchase list! :teehee:

Thanks eh?!