What happens if I skip the "Knit every other row" between decrease rows instructions?

Hi, so I am making a beanie and if I follow the pattern, it’s going to be a bit taller than I’d prefer. I’m wondering what kind of lopsided abomination I will create if I skip the knit rows, while still decreasing 8 stitches per round.
Or is there maybe a better way to finish the hat with less height than what I’ve mentioned??
The reason I prefer to not just rip it back is because it will ruin the “pattern” I’ve creted.

I will attach a pic of the instructions I’m following. (I’very added some random seed stitches to create a bit of patterned texture.)

Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile:


Taking a guess as you are the creator but hopefully it will not make the hat too pointy looking. I would suggest eliminating every second or third knit row rather than every and the reshaping will be less dramatic.

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That is a long decrease section. If you decrease too quickly it will kind of bunch up, but based on the top in the picture maybe that’s the look? I don’t see how it looks like that with that many decreases, but who knows.

You just need to use a number the divides evenly into the number of stitches. In this case 8 and 12 work…so if you want a few less decrease rows you could -
k10, k2tog around
Knit even
k9, k2tog around
Knit even

You could also k2 6, k2tog, etc… but that may decrease a little too fast.

When I make hats I decrease on alternate rows till I get to about 16 stitches then k2tog around till I have about 8. I usually only start with 80 though. There are no rules so do what looks good to you.

Thank you! I will experiment with this advice and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi Tessawed; I crochet and have tried and fail at knitting. Is it possible to continue with your little hat and just fold the edge up? Just a thought. Christmas is coming, so if that doesn’t work, maybe one of Santa’s elves needs a new hat. LOL, Good luck with your knitting. You have a lot more patience than I have.