What Exactly IS a Shrug? I'm Looking For a Fast Knit for a Friend

What is the definition of a shrug? I’ve seen so many variations. Basically I think it’s smaller than a shawl and stays on you (unlike a shawl).

My friend Grace said she loves shrugs…a <hint, hint> to me I guess ;), and I would like to make her one. Something that’s a fast knit.

Any ideas?

From what I understand, as I’ve seen things called shrugs that I don’t see follow this description…

a shrug is like a shawl but with sleeves. A cross between a cardigan and a shawl.

It is designed to basically be knit in one piece.

That being said, there are many variations.

Essentially they don’t necessarily cover your chest completely.

I see them as modern versions of a Bolero


I don’t know how to post a link to a .pdf but if you click here then scroll down to the pattern called “Staff Shrugs” there are a few patterns for different interpretations of shrugs. Some of them are made easily in one piece from sleeve to sleeve with very little seaming involved, others are made in pieces and look more like boleros.

Hope this helps!


If you type in shrug in KPC it brings up 3 pages of them. :passedout:


This is a popular one. If you search here in KH you’ll find a lot of people have made them.
Anthroopologie-inspired capelet/shrug

I have made three different versions of the staff shrugs from Interweave Knits. They are fast and fun!

The one on Craftster is very nice - and there’s a lot of info and pictures in the thread.

I’ve been working on one from http://www.oneskeinwonders.com/patterns.php
which is very similar to the Craftster one. I made a “test run” using the only circular needles I had at the time (which were the wrong size) and some OLD yarn. I really didn’t believe the pattern and I didn’t believe that I could do it. Well, it came out really well, just a little small. And it was the first FO I ever did! It took me just a few days to finish. Now, I’m making a “real one”.

That is VERY similar looking! I didn’t know they had any free patterns. Pretty cool!

There’s also the One Skein Wonder shrug by Glampyre. It’s not free though but she has a free pattern called a minisweater that sort of looks like a shrug.

This blogger has a really nice pattern for a summery bolero.

:cheering: I personally love shrugs, boleros, capelets, whatever you call it! I’ve made 2 One Skein Wonders this summer. I’m making more for my sister and a friend. They’re nice because they are fairly quick to knit compared to full sweaters.

Don’t forget to look in the lingere section on the Interweave sites. There is a really cute bed jacket.


The pattern that pointy_teeth linked (the second one for the summery bolero) is a great simple pattern. I’m working on it now and its super easy and fun to do. Plus its knit as a big rectangle so there’s no complicated shaping or anything like that. Some one in the “Whatcha Knitting” forum did one and posted links and looks great.