What does'every alt 5 rows' mean?

Does anyone know what this means?
‘Dec 1 St at each end of every alt 5 rows’?

I know alternative is every other one, but this instruction I’m not sure if it’s, 5,10,5,10,5,10

What are you knitting? Do you have any link to the pattern?

Are you decreasing for sleeves?

Assuming your first dec is on the RS maybe it means every 5th RS row which would be every 10th row. That’s a stab in the dark. A link to the pattern would as mentioned be very helpful.

Hi Leslie
No, this is for the back, shape armholes part. I’ve been knitting for years and never come across such a badly worded instruction. I’ve been decreasing at each end of every 5th row, which may not be right🤔

That sounds like a workable interpretation.

You might send an email to the publisher. I don’t see any errata on the website for this particular pattern but they do seem interested in hearing about corrections.

You’re probably doing it right. It sounded like that to me. I saw a weird direction. It PO then the number- still not sure what it means.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried sending a message to Quail Studios on their chat line, but it doesn’t seem to go through.


Alt rows mean every other row. The repeat varries with size. I think the 5 rows is a poorly phrased repeat.

If the next row is called row 1, then:
Row 1 3 5 7 9 are dec rows.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Every response I have had has been different, but yours has thrown a spanner in the works. I’m waiting for a response from the pattern designer, so will let you know if you’re right.


Lol, I have often heard that in response to some of my comments in life.

I was trying to evoke the question, "what shape is the designer trying to have the reader make? A “U” shaped or “V” shaped dec for the sleeve.

Is it 5 dec rows over a 9 row span, or 5 dec grows over a 25 row span? But if 5 is alternating interval then what is the number of repeats? Hmm.

Unfortunately there were no pictures of the cardigan showing the back.