What does Wrong Side mean?

In a lot of patterns I see ‘wrong side’. What exactly does it mean, what am I supposed to do when the pattern starts with ‘wrong side’??
Please help…

Wrong side simply means the side that’s not considered the outside or side that people will see. For example, the inside of a sweater is the “wrong side”. The outside is the “right side”.

The ‘wrong side’ is the side that is, say the inside of the sweater, or the back of a blanket. The ‘right side’ is the side where the pattern shows, like the cables or color patterns.

For stockinette stitch, the wrong side would be the side that gets purled.

If a pattern says start with wrong side–its just to inform you that this next row is the ‘wrong’ or ‘back’ side. It helps you to keep track where you are.

Thank you both for the replys, this makes it clearer… :smiley:

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