What does 'work 1 row' mean?

Hi I’m knitting a hat and have started decreasing my stitches. I was a bit confused as to what the instruction ‘work 1 row’ actually meant. If anyone can give me some help i would really appreciate it. Thanks, jenna.

If you have started decreasing for the top of the hat and it says work one row, it is probably talking about working a row between the decrease rows. So it would be like, do a decrease row and then work one row with out any changes, then do the next decrease row and so on.

so does it basically mean…decrease one row then knit (work) one row without any changes…then back to decreasing and so on??

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]It’s hard to tell exactly. How about you share the pattern line above “Work one row” and the line of the pattern after. Then we can know for sure.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

ok thats probably a better idea!!

the pattern:

[B]Row 1 (RS):[/B] (K7,K3tog) 4 times, K1. 33sts.
Work 1 row.
[B]Row 3:[/B] (K5, K3tog) 4 times, K1. 25sts.
Work 1 row.
[B]Row 5[/B]:(K3,K3tog) 4 times, K1 17sts.

Merigold is right. Do your decrease row, then knit a row with no decreases, just knit the entire row. Then, do a decrease row, then a knit row. That way your decreases are sort of spread out and not done all at once. Make for a gentler decrease look to your hat.

thanks everyone thats really helped…i can now finish my hat!!