What does this mean?

[K next st tog with corresponding st 5 rows below] 34 times, then k to end.

It really bugs me that I can’t figure out what to do here. What makes me confused is the part where it says “34 times”.

Can anyone help me understand this? Thank you so much in advance.


I believe you are to repeat the instructions in the brackets 34 times.

Which then means I need to stitch the same stitch 34 times?:S

k a stitch with the stitch 5 rows below. Now do that 33 more times for a total of 34

I agree. You’re likely knitting a welt like this:

You can pick up the stitches 5 rows below on a spare needle as in the tutorial or you can knit each stitch as you come to it with the stitch from below.

That is exactly what I want to create. The only thing as well is that I have 2 different sections, right needle have 47 stitches, left needle have 13. I do not understand how to make the welt. Might be too complicated for me.
I’m knitting a baby bootie and it’s where the toes are the welt is going to be.
Thank you so much for your help.

Omg I think I’ve done it!!! Thank you sooo very much both of you for helping me out.

Good for you! I’m delighted.
Enjoy finishing the booties and post a photo if you’d like. We’d love to see the finished pair.