What does this mean??

I found a baby blanket pattern on a label for Bernat Baby Sport yarn. It’s called: Lacy Knit Blanket. I’m reading thru the pattern and need some help deciphering one of the abbreviations:

What does “yrn” mean?

“2nd Row: P2, yrn, P2tog, P3. Rep from to end of row.”

`I know that “yfwd” means yo. But “yrn” has me stumped. Any ideas/thoughts??

Thanks for all your help!!

Hi, ‘yrn’ is the abbreviation for yarn around the needle.

Thanks. So it’s the same as a yo??


Yes, sort of!! It’s usually used between purl sts. and sometimes paired with a p2tog or if you need to add an eyelet in lace going from a knit stitch into a purl stitch. This video shows the procedure and helps to explain better than I can :slight_smile:

Yes, just another term.

New to me, too.