What does this mean? I'm stuck!

I tried to look this up, but I’m not sure what it means!

[B]Shape Neck[/B]
[B]Next Row[/B]. Patt2tog, patt 17(20,23,26,28,31),
turn, leave rem 21 (24,27,30,32,35) sts on a stitch holder.

(I don’t know what Patt2tog means!)

Thanks so much!

I’ve never seen that term, but if I had to take a wild guess, I would say it probably means to work the pattern as it has already been set for that number of stitches. So if the next two stitches are knit, then you would knit 2 together, but if the next two are purl then purl 2 together, then continue in the pattern for the number of stitches indicated for the size you are making.

What are you making? A link to the pattern might be helpful. Also is there any explanation of terms at the beginning or end of the pattern?

Perhaps someone else knows better how to help on this one!


Well, you are very close to being right! I was able to get ahold of the owner of my LYS…she’s a friend too,lol!, and she said you either knit or purl the next two stitches together depending on what the first stitch is of the next two stitches…if your next 2 stitches are a knit and a purl, you would knit the 2 together and visa versa!
Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate it.
I’m knitting the Sirdar pattern #1709 a baby boy’s vest for my 7 month old grandson.
Here it is on Ralvery: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-child-sweaters-and-slipover---vest

Take care,

Hi Jen, I guess that was a good guess then! :aww:

What a handsome vest that will be! Lucky little guy! Be sure to post a picture here when it’s finished so we can all see it!