What does this abbreviation mean?

I’m making a scarf with a twisted cable pattern (lace) and the abbreviation yrn shows up a few times. I would think it means “yarn” but it makes no sense to me. It either says yrn, P4 or it says yrn P3. A couple of times it just says yrn. I’ve not done lace before, so is this something unique to lace, unique to this pattern, or unique to cables?

Do you suppose it could be an even further abbreviated version of telling you to yarn forward? I thought of this since you said you were doing something in lace. Not necessarily yarn “over” but bring your yarn to the front without saying "front."
A thought…

ETA: I just looked up a knitting abbreviation list here and it says “yrn” means “yarn around needle.”

Thanks, Binky! I suppose that means to wrap the yarn rather than just doing a YO. I’m a beginner with lace knitting and figure I’ll learn a lot before I’m finished with this scarf~~~~ :XX: