What does the abbreviation WW mean

Pattern for sock says "K to next wrapped st, WW, WT. I know WT is wrap and turn but I cannot find “WW.” Please advise, I am sure it is something obvious but not to me. Thanks in advance.

That’s an odd one - I would have said ‘worsted weight’ because that’s how I’ve seen it abbreviated before. But in this context, that doesn’t work. Do you have a link to the pattern?

I’m with Sue. My first reaction was, “nothing”, then I came up with “worsted weight”, besides that I haven’t a clue.

Well at least I feel better, it does not make sense. I will post when I find out and we will all know. Thank you ladies.

Typo? Can you find an errata on the publisher’s web site?

Years ago I had to email a publisher. The strange whatever was just a typo.

I would suggest contacting the pattern designer and/or publisher as well.

Work wraps. Now that I know what it means, I still do not know how to do it. This is toe-up sock pattern and I am at the heel doining a short row heel.

Okay, that does make sense. The instructions are to work to the next wrapped st, then ‘work wrap’ by knitting the wrap together with the st it’s wrapped around. Then W&T on the next st.

Thank you so much. This is my first time posting here and you have all been wonderful. I will return with joy.

Isn’t there a video of this in the video section. Under Short Rows?

Yes that video would show how to knit the wrap together with the stitch.