What does slm mean?

from my pattern “Knit to 3 sts before marker, k2tog, k1, slm, k1, ssk, knit to end”

Gobbledegook to me?

Slm means to slip the marker, then knit the instructions after the marker.
it takes time to learn all the abbreviations of knitting terms but keep practicing and you will soon understand the ones you run into while knitting.

:thumbsup: Thank you! Onwards I go…

You are welcome. I wish Knitting Help had been around when I first learned to knit. I had to struggle through on my own because I didn’t know of any one who knitted in my town. My mother and grandmother didn’t knit, they only sewed.

There is a Glossary tab at the top of the page. If you check it out you’ll find most abbreviations you’re likely to encounter.

I did look at the glossary, slm wasn’t in it - I’m not sure if it should be added?

Also when I was knitting in the UK twenty years ago all decreases appeared to be K2tog and that was it. Though I wasn’t that experienced even then. I spent some time as a kid knitting dollies clothes and then I knitted a couple of sweaters for myself and I think just a baby hat and sweater. That was about it.

DayLillie and GrumpyGrandma, I am so pleased the internet is around along with people like you. :cheering: I’ve learned how to change a flat bike tire on youtube, refinish a beaten up wood floor and now I’ve had knitting help. People say there are too many trolls and nastiness on the internet. In my experience people behave as in real life, there are some twits about but mostly people really like to help other people.

Wouldn’t you know, it’s not there. :zombie: Wow. Of course I’ve not looked for much there in a while and didn’t think to check to be sure.

Speaking of refinishing, I found a rocking chair by the apartments’ dumpster and it’s in great shape except that it needs the old white paint stripped off and put something new on it. I’m planning to knit a cushion cover for it and something to hang on the back, sort of a cricket set.

That’s a great project! Years ago (about 1995?) my husband bought a set of six dining chairs from the O club for $2 each. Of course I think we spent $20 per chair fixing them up but we still have them.

Please do before and after pictures :slight_smile: Of course we’ve got the before.

is this going to be your new knitting chair? :wink:

It is today. :wink: