What does sk2 mean?

Is it “slip (skip) 2”. . . or. . . “slip 1, k2 together”? Or something different altogether??? I’ve frogged twice already. I’m so frustrated, I’m ready to raid the fridge. Can someone help me?

I believe it’s slip 1, knit 2 together. I’m a “visual” learner and there are a some instructional knitting videos on YouTube but I couldn’t find that stitch.

Yes, slip 1, k2tog - especially if followed by psso.

thanks for responding. I’m new to this forum and am a little slow in figuring out how to communicate on a forum. Anway, I did the “slip 1, k2 together” but am ending up with more stitches. So, I’m wondering if it really is “skip 2”. I’m trying to knit a sweater in Elsebeth Levold’s Out of the Blue book and because she’s a Danish designer, could it be that sk2 means “skip 2”. I’m going to try and practice on other yarn and bigger needles. I’m going to conquer this yet!!!

I would have thought it was slip 1, k2tog, pass slipped st over…but then remembered that is usually written as sk2p, not just sk2. Is that a possibility for you?

How many sts are you over? Because if you have too many left with slip 1, k2tog, then just skip 2 will leave you with more. It’s possible I’m completely missing something though, just my thoughts.

Yes, that combination of sk2 is usually part of a decrease where you pass the slipped st over the k2tog st. Try it like that and see if your st count comes out right.

ok. here’s the pattern row that’s giving me trouble: Edge st, k1, yo, k3, sk2p(which I know is slip 1, k2tog, slip st over), *k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, [B]sk2[/B]repeat from *and end with k3 yo, k1, edge st. The designer notes: “Every yarnover is paired with a decrease. If you can’t work both the yarnover and decrease, work those sts in reverse stockinette instead.” I knew I was a little thick, but geez, I must be having a major senior moment.

I really think there’s a discrepancy in these instructions. I went on her website and noticed that she has published errata pages for previous patterns in her earlier books. Unfortunately (for me), this is her newest book, and nothing is mentioned. I signed up for her newsletter in the hopes that she or her staff will catch the error. I’m just going to have to be patient and wait and see, or edit the pattern somewhat. Just my luck. I guess I’ll have to pick up one of my many WIPs. Thank you all for responding to my question. Happy KNitting!

I really think it’s a typo and there should be a p in the `sk2’ instructions like there is in the first part of the row. That’s a dbl dec which offsets the 2 YOs.

thanks Sue. I think you’re right. Doesn’t say much for the proofreaders responsible for publishing patterns, does it? Anway, tomorrow’s another day. Julz

The designer got back to me and yup. . . . it’s a typo. No such thing as “sk2”. It should have been “sk2p”.