What does size 2/17 mean?

I am watching an auction on ebay and am not sure if I should buy it or not.


What would 2/17 equal in regular knitting gauge?

Also it says machine knitting yarn, but could I also hand knit with it? My boyfriend wants me to knit him the Double Helix Seaman scarf in Hunter green, and I found that yarn.

Should I get it or what?


This page explains what those numbers mean. Personally, I find it all very confusing and would probably just contact the seller rather than trying to figure it out myself. If they don’t know what it would be in hand-knitting terms, ask them to measure the WPI (wraps per inch) for you to get an idea. Info here.

My guess is that it’s pretty fine, but you can always use multiple strands to get the gauge you want.

I think that would certainly be fingering weight or lighter, maybe laceweight even. Yarn that is sold for machine knitting frequently comes with sizing oil on it. Sometimes it is possible to knit with it as is and the oil comes out when you wash the garment for blocking. However, I have bought some coned yarns on which the oil was so thick that it could not be knit without washing first.