What does pattern mean

I picked up a pattern for an Eco-fil sweater. The first part of the sweater is done in fantasy stitch. When you start to shape armholes the pattern states to do:

1 x 3 sts, 2 x 2 sts and 2 x 1 st

What does this mean?

When you begin armhole shaping, it’s most often done in a series of ‘stepped’ bind offs. So what your instruction above means as far as I can tell, is that at the armhole edge you will bind off 3sts 1 time, 2sts 2 times, and 1st 2 times. In other words, you will be binding off every other row (since bind offs can only be done at the beginning of a row) for a total of 5 bind off rows.

Thank you so much for your reply to my query. It is very much appreciated.