What does pattern mean by "turn"

hello all,
i am working on a hat with earflaps and am unsure what this instruction means. this is where stitches are adding to the flaps to become the hat. the instructions continue from 15sts of 2nd flap "cast on 10sts. work seed st pat across these and 15sts of 2nd earflap. [B]turn[/B]. cast on 31 sts. [B]turn.[/B] work seed st pat across 15sts of first earflap. [B]turn.[/B] cast on 10sts. 81sts. work 7 rows in seed st pat."
i am sure this is simple but i can’t find specific direction in my books or on the website. so, thanks for any help.

Turn your work around, just as you would if you were starting the next row, even if there are stitches left unworked on the left needle.

thanks, that was quick. so i think i get it. because i was at the end of the row i am basically continuing to work on that row instead of starting a new row. and am casting on in front of the previous work.
can i ask you another question? these new cast on sts. i did the previous 10sts just like i would if i were starting a piece but they look a little different and go on 2 at a time. is this right? thanks again. this is fun.

What kind of cast on do you use for starting a piece? A knitted on cast on, or a cable cast on work well for this sort of cast on need. I’m not sure what you mean by says they “go on 2 at a time”. Can you explain a little more? I don’t know of any cast on that puts more than one stitch on at a time, but this is maybe not what you mean.