What does P0 mean?

I was just browsing throw one of my books “Natural Knits for Baby’s and Mom.” On the mitten pattern for the ribbed cuff it says the following:
RS, P0 (1,0), *[k2,p2];rep from *to last 2 (3,2) sts, k2, p0 (1,0)

There is also a k0 abbreviation in another row…
what gives?
I’m not working on this pattern, but the vebiage caught my eye and now it’s bugging me like when you forget the title of a song thats stuck in your head.

is it a purl zero?

That’s my take on it, too. You’re purling 1 on the second size, so they tell you to purl 0 on the smallest and largest.

how on earth do you purl nothing? do you slip it? :??

you are just skipping that instruction. because the medium size needs a stitch there they have to give an instruction but since the others don’t, they are telling you to do nothing for that stitch.

Well, i just may have to make these to try out this phantom stitch…
I suppose that’s the adjustment made when making 2x2 ribbing bigger and compensating for added stitches - it says for multiples of 4 + 2 (0, 2)

I’ts patterns like that, (P0) that make me laugh when some people say that “Knitting is Easy”. :XX: I would not have understood that direction either. :frowning: