What does 'KFB' mean?

What does KFB mean?
This pattern from Ravelry sounds neat… but I need to understand the directions

Gathered Scarf for your Mother-in-Law (or not)
Row 7: Knit 2 together 24 times (you’ll end up with 24 stitches on the needles)
Row 8-12: Knit. Change to size 7 needles:
Row 13: [B] Kfb [/B]24 times (you’ll end up with 48 stitches again).

You don’t need to post the whole pattern here, can you please edit it to take out all but rows 7 to 13.

A kfb is an increase, there’s a video for that. Knit into the stitch but leave it on the left needle, then knit into the back leg of it. It’s to get your sts back to the 48 after you decreased them on row 7.

I had to delete the pattern other than the part in question. It’s a copyright violation to post them…even free patterns. It’s okay to post a few lines if you have a problem though and you should always post the pattern name and link if you have it. :thumbsup:
Here’s the link-

KFB - It means Knit Front and Back. It’s an increase. Knitting Help has lots of videos at the tab at the top of the page. The increase page has KFB.