What does K2tog, (yfwd) twice, mean?

I have a pattern that is making me crazy! I am sure its a simple thing I am not getting but…
The pattern is: Cast on 62 sts.
1st row: (RS) Sl1K. *K2tog, (yfwd) twice. Sl1. K2 psso. Rep from * to last st K1.
2nd row: Sl1K. *K2. P1. K1. Rep from * to last st. K1.
Thats the whole pattern. My question is what is[I][I][COLOR=“red”] K2tog, (yfwd) twice[/COLOR][/I][/I]

K2tog, (yfwd) twice means knit 2 stitches together, then bring the yarn forward between the needles, do this two times. I believe the yarn forward would be making a yarn over or increase stitch to compensate for the decreased stitch in the the K2tog
The pattern sounds like it is a ripple or chevron pattern.

I’d be curious to know what it is that you are knitting and maybe see a picture. Does the pattern call for repeating these two rows or is there more to it than just these two rows?


I agree with MGM…whats the pattern?

It is a Poncho. Its a Bernat pattern my daughter brought home with the yarn and ask if I could make it for her. Those are the only two rows, you make two and put them together.
Can you up load pictures to this site? If so I could copy the picture on the pattern and send it.
Thanks for the help. I will try that tonight.

Please don’t copy the entire pattern and post here, it’s better (and more legal) if you link it. Is it a free one on the Bernat site?