What does *join into round* mean?

i was reading through instructions for socks and after casting on it says to ‘join into round.’ i’m not sure what that means. any help would be appreciated!

You are going to be knitting a ‘tube’. You knit in your 1st cast on stitch after your last cast on stitch to join the 2 ends, then you will be knitting in the round. Be sure that your stitches are not twisted on the needles when you join. Are you using dbl points, 2 circulars or the majic loop?
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This means you won’t be knitting back to front and vice versa or flat anymore. Amy explains how to join so you can knit in the round in the Advanced Techniques section of the web site here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/advanced_techniques/

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i’m using dpns. i’m curious to know if this join counts as part of the first row or not. if the instructions say to join into the round, does that mean i’m starting the first row of k1p1 or not?

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Yes, the joining row is your first row so start the k1p1 pattern.

thanks, jan! i’m still struggling with loose ladders… but wanted to make sure that i wasn’t completely messed up from the beginning.

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The joining itself is not a row… the first row you knit all the way around is the first row (or round). Knit the first couple of stitches very tightly: lots of people have trouble with a bit of a gap there later on (if you do see it don’t worry you can sew it closed with the tail).

I found the photos on this website to really help me when I was learning to join in the round.

I used to cast on an extra stitch, then put it on the left needle and knit them together to join the circle. Now, I just cross the first and last stitches of my cast-on row to join them. It makes a perfect connection.

I just made a video that shows how I join in the round:


WOW thank you so much for posting that video!

sandy, i’ve never joined like that before. i’ve always just started knitting the first row. i’m a really tight knitter for the first few rows in most of my projects, so i don’t think it has messed any of them up. but your way looks like it would work really well (and maybe get me to loosen up just a little bit :rollseyes:). i’ll definitely have to try it with my next HP hat!

[SIZE=“1”]those sure are some big ol’ dpns! :teehee:[/SIZE]

I’m so glad my video could help a little. I can’t remember who showed me how to do that kind of join, but it’s what I always choose to do now. It makes a nice, seamless connection, and it’s quick and easy!

wow wow wow, thank you SO much for posting that video. you made my day…and it’s only 8:35a! thanks, shandeh!!

It is fantastic and the only join I will ever use… totally invisible and no gaping at all. It will also help if you put the first couple of stitches on the same needle as the last or vice versa, so the needles are not pulling the stitches apart.

you guys are so great! thanks for all of the suggestions.

:muah: As always I find the info. I need here…Another question please, if your knitting in the round w/a sz 7 let’s say, do the double points have to be the exact same size?..as in finishing the top part of a hat…Thanks…

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If you don’t have size 7 dpns to finish off the top, you could go up or down a size and it shouldn’t be too noticeable. If you have another size 7 in a different length, you can use the 2 needles together, or do magic loop with the longer one.