What does it mean

To knit into the back and front of every stich?

I want to do the ruffles on the Latifa scarf http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/PATTlatifa.html

Also, it says to use needle size 3 and I’m knitting with size 10!!! Would the ruffles still look OK?

Thank you


Here are directions for the kfb. You’d have to try it to see how the ruffles turn out with the size 10. You’ll be doubling the number of stitches on your needle.

Ingrid, you were quick to reply!!! Thank you.

I watched the video - simple enough!

Do you think I could do the ruffles using a thicker yarn made of acrylic that’s also multi colour or is it only that particular one that comes out so pretty?

That I wouldn’t know, but it’s worth a shot.