What does it mean to

block something? I’ve read where when people are done with a pattern they “wash and block” it. :shrug:

Hi blocking is done after you finish knit your piece there are different types of blocking done for different types of fibers so check out this link and see if it helps it should answer your questions…

It’s done to even out the stitches and shape a wooly object into the correct size. Acrylic won’t block as far as sizing, but throwing it in the wash and drying will even out the stitches.

It can really change the look of something too, I think.

This is the beginning of my last Danica Scarf as I was knitting it,

And here it is when it is blocking.

Nice and flat an about four inches wider and a good bit longer.

Eunny Jang’s blog has some great blocking basics and reasoning: (she is now the editor of Interweave Knits)

Block me Amadeus: