What does it mean, "slip stich as if to purl"

New to knitting, not sure how to do this. Pattern instructs to " knit three, bring yarn forward, slip stitch as if to purl, bring yarn back."

If the stitch is slipped and not knitted or purled, what does it matter if the working yarn is back or pulled forward when stitch is slipped on to right needle? What am I missing? Thanks! :thinking:

stick the needle into the work like you are doing a purl stitch but just slip it instead of working it.

I know if its an end stitch it will give you a straighter line like on a scarf or if you will need to seam anything up… but in mid row I’m not sure but I always thought it was so the stitch wouldn’t twist and that way the stitch is ready for the next row where it will be worked… I’ve always slip the sts purlwise unless the pattern says otherwise…

The slipping as if to purl is so that your stitch isn’t twisted. The action of bringing the yarn forward, slipping, and then moving it back will make a little “line” of yarn floating across your stitch. It’s a part of the stitch pattern/ effect.

Thank You All for your help!!!

Remember, new to knitting!!! What can I do to make my cast on stitches looser?? They are so hard to work and the first row is knit two! I cast on using the KH Continental cast on.

You can cast on using a larger needle than the pattern calls for and then switch to the called-for needles on the first row. Some people cast on with two needles held together and then slip one out to start knitting.