What does increase 1 stitch each end of next row mean?

Hello, Hope this finds everyone well. I found this conversation thread very helpful. I stumbled on a similar instruction. However, one thing is still not clear. When you guys write “start of the next row increase one stitch and end of the row increase one stitch” Would this all be for a regular knit row? i.e. I increase at the start and the end of that knit row (RS row). Then would I purl a row and knit another 8 rows, i.e. purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl (for a total of 9 stocking stitch rows)? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Yes, that’s correct if your instructions are the same as the ones quoted at the beginning of the thread. There’s an inc at each end of the row, 9 rows of stockinette and a second inc on the next row, row 10 (not counting the very first inc row) and again an inc on row 20.
If you’d like you can quote your specific instructions. We can’t post large portions of pattern here due to designer copyright but a few rows are fine.

Thank you so much salmon mac.

My instruction is slightly different, but same in principle. If someone could spell out what I do I’d appreciate it. What a lovely community- power to all knitters! It’s my first cardigan ever.

Congrats on the first cardigan! A gold star for powering through these often confusing directions.

Call the next row, row 1.
For the first size, inc at each end of rows 1,7,13,19, 25 and so on until you reach the correct number of sts for your size.
For the other sizes, inc at each end or rows 1,5,9,13,17,21,25 and so on until the correct number of sts.

Thanks for joining us.

Thank you ever so much! What a kind community. And yes it’s the first item other than socks that I’ve ever made. Just need to make the sleeves and sew it all together! I can’t wait to have my forever cardigan. I might have follow up questions, but I’ll go ahead and follow your instructions. It’s funny now that I see your instructions the original instructions make a bit more sense now! I think it’s just confusing that it’s the 4th row after the first one (i.e. its the 5th one). Anyways, the more I do this hopefully it’ll make more sense. Knitting is such a blessing in my life. I’m so thankful for it! Thanks again for the swift response, I was getting worried that I wouldn’t have anything to knit until I figured this out!


We’re always happy with questions, follow ups and comments. Have fun working on this cardigan please do post a photo when you finish.

The worst: having nothing to knit until a problem is solved or a yarn order arrives in the mail.

It really is! I found this forum around 15 months ago and have been here ever since! Younwill learn so much here and get great help with tricky bits.

Hope the rest of your cardigan project goes well.

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