What Does ✓ in a Knitting Chart Mean

I have seen the ✓ symbol in a couple of knitting charts now but it has not been included in the legend. What does it typically mean?

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I haven’t seen that. There are some V shapes that indicate increases or slip sts. There are -/ that might be purled decreases.
Can you give us an example of such a chart and its legend or the name of a pattern with chart?

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See these photos, if I can figure out how to upload them, for the chart and the pattern chart legend. It is chain cable. The ✓ is in row 14, stitch 11. My memory is sure I have seen the same symbol in another pattern but just looked through the ones I expected it might have been in and couldn’t find it. My memory has been wrong in the past. thumbnail-1


Hmm, it doesn’t seem to affect the cable design. It’s almost as if it’s marking the approximate center of the pattern. Is there a bobble in the photo of the pattern? Also, maybe check any description before the pattern chart to see if it’s described.

Is this part of a sweater or scarf? Does that have a name?

It is part of a sweater with a lot of different cable designs. I am using this particular cable design to modify a glove pattern. It is the Monte Rio sweater designed by Stephannie Tallent and I purchased it from Knit Pick. I’m not sure what you mean by bobble in photo of pattern. See attached photo of center back. I believe the chart I am using is one, small portion of that pattern. I also attached a photo of the pattern worked up to row 14, stitch 11. thumbnail fullsizeoutput_1f9

I don’t see anything different in that part of the pattern. I would just work a knit stitch in place of the check mark.
I’m curious about what the check mark means however. One of the Ravelry projects notes that the designer was very helpful with questions so it might be worth sending her a message on Ravelry.

Yes that is what I did. I will send the message though because I am curious too. Thanks for taking time to respond.

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I and the designed did discuss. She didn’t include the check mark and the pattern I was using part of a book of sweater patterns so we think it was just an error. What is really weird is when I started looking at the book closer there were actually three check marks in the chart but when I printed it only one check mark printed. Strange, strange :slight_smile:


Thanks for following up. Yes, the mysteries of the printer. Enjoy working the pattern!