What does everyone do to de-stress?

[FONT=Arial]Is anyone else feeling really overwhelmed? I’ve been so stressed out lately that I have barely had any time for myself. Over the weekend my girlfriends dragged me out to dinner, and I was so surprised by how much better I felt with just a few hours of ME time. I recommend everyone getting out there and taking a few hours (even a few min!) to do something for yourself. [/FONT]

  • Taylor, SF

I knit to de-stress.

I read before I go to sleep, the only way to turn my brain off

I’ll say it, I eat! :roflhard:
I do garden, knit, bicycle, clean the house and walk when I’m stressed too so it kind of evens out.
Oh yeah, I sit in the spa every night!

Eat chocolate??? :rofl:

I read at night
housework in smaller increments
drink a glass of wine
burn my Bath and Body oils (fresh bamboo is my latest favorite flavor)
take a nap
pop a Lexapro every morning (yes, much of my anti-stress is chemical dependancy)

knitting and sewing are my me times and I find them both relaxing and a form of meditation. I play chick flicks on my tv in my sewing room and sew away while listening to " Under the Tuscan Sun", " Must love dogs" and the like. It is my alone area, and doing what I love to do.

Yep, same here.

Write in my journal.

knit as much as I can. It really helps.

Garden in the summer. Dirt is relaxing to me.:teehee:

Get some girlfriend ME time. That really helps, but it’s also very infrequent.

Hop on my treadmill.

Wave Bye Bye to Hubby and Son each January for 2-3 weeks while they go to Costa Rica…It sure is a LOOOOONNNNNG year waiting for this. In the meantime, I knit, garden, be grandmama, massage the cats, sleep or take long, hot baths to de-stress.

I knit of course. I also read and meditate every once in a while. One of my big stress releases is petting and playing with my two dogs George and Grace.

for me theres 2 forms of styress, the normal daily life kind. that if i can i knit, but i have a 5 year old about the place and knitting with him isnt easy. other than that its music, i stick my ipod on and just drink coffee and relax

if its the nsty stress its pop a pill time, tats not often but i get pains and cant breath so kinda have to do it. but thats a last resort as i hate taking pills.

Pray, knit, read, go for walks, sit at the beach, or call a friend are some of the things I do to destress.

Hot baths were always good for me but now my bathtub is the boys bathtub, ew gros. I’d have to scrub for days before I get in there. So now I just knit, sit in the grass and watch the clouds go by or the moon at night.

Enjoy the moon while you can, Femmi, it’ll be going away for us pretty soon. Sigh.

I read my Bible, pray, call friends, watch funny movies, talk to DH, play with grandbaby.

Pedicures, its my vain, guilty pleasure esp. in the summer. Knitting too, if I’m really stressed I knit something with a pattern that requires all of my concentration, takes my mind off of things and all I can think about the pattern. If I’m really, really stressed, a chick flick and some wine

Knitting, reading, singing, hot baths, and chick flicks. Although the chick flick last night was Becoming Jane and it just stressed me out more. Even though it was a fictionalized tale of Jane Austen’s life, it just made me so sad to think about how wonderful she was at writing about finding love, but never found it for herself. So, today I’m in a slump mood. Oh well, I’ll just have to use my other stress busters today.

pop a Lexapro every morning (yes, much of my anti-stress is chemical dependancy)

I do the same and cuddle with my puppy dog.

I knit, read, watch movies, go on the computer, and eat chocolate if feeling really stressed.

I go to yarn shops and craft stores, knit, do embroidery, play piano, pray, read the Bible, read novels, write in my journal, listen to soothing music, light candles, drink hot tea or decaf coffee, cuddle with my hubby, play backgammon with my hubby, play computer games, play Nintendo DS, watch movies, or take a long shower.

I also enjoy going to antique stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores. It’s fun to browse through all the stuff, and I can sometimes find some good deals on craft supplies!

Occasionally, I will go to a museum as a special treat.

I used to go for long walks to unwind. I would listen to music or an audiobook as I was walking. It was wonderful to be outside and hear the birds singing, and smell the trees and flowers. But, I can’t go for long walks anymore because of my stupid knee. :verysad:

But, the one thing I [U]always[/U] do EVERY day to unwind is spend time with my friends here in the Knitting Help Forum! cloud9