What does co 5x1 st means?HELPPP

I have a patter that says:
Cast on 60 sts and work stst. For hip slant co 5x1 st each on right edge in every 8 row, thereby work acc co 1.

This is very confusing because co can stand for cast on or cast off but what does it means with 5 x 1???


It means it’s a badly written pattern, that’s what it means.:slight_smile:
But here is how I would interpret it. You are apparently making a slant outwards at the hip, so you are going to gradually increase.
So every 8th row, at the right edge, increase 1 st. Do this 5 times. This will take 40 rows and you will end up with 65 sts. Or, alternatively, it could mean that you are slanting INWARDS at the hip and so you need to DECREASE by 1 st at the end of each 8th row, 5 times, which would take 40 rows and leave you with 55 sts.

As for “thereby work acc co 1”, that has me totally stumped. Where did you get the pattern? If in a book or magazine, can you give the issue and page number? If it’s on-line, can you provide a link to the page?

It’s not badly written, but is typical of how european patterns are written.

Which pattern is it? That will help us a lot.

It is actually European, here is the link to the pattern


Hope you can help me, the part that i asked it the front left of the sweater,


Okay it seems to be cast off 1 st 5 times, every 8th row, and you can just do a decrease there. On the other edge though, you’re to dec 1 st 9 times every 12th row. Later, it says to inc sts, that’s how you know whethere co means cast on or cast off. It’s doing the waist shaping it seems, though they call it a hip slant.

Thank you so much!!! it was so confusing…i think i’ll be able to figure out the rest all the pattern…if not you’ll see another post


There’s more terminology that’s similar later on, but you should be able to get it now.