What does C4F mean

Also, In Brackets I have (k1, yo, k1) in next st.???
and last is 4-st RC. I know this has to do with a cable but am confused on what is it a 4 st plus 4 st cable or 2 st plus 2 st???

Your pattern may tell you somewhere what they mean by the different abbreviations. In my experience a C4F means a cable cross involving 4 stitches that holds the yarn in the front as you work. So you’d move 2sts to a cable needle, hold them in front, knit 2 then k2 from the cable needle.

(k1, yo, k1) in next st.
You are going to do what is inside the parenthesis into the next stitch. So knit it, but don’t take it off the left needle, bring the yarn to the front (the yarn over) and then from there knit the stitch again, now let it off the left needle. You have made 3 stitches out of the 1, increasing 2.

4-st RC
I’m not sure. The C4F was a left cross, so if they wanted a right cross I don’t know why they wouldn’t have called it a C4B, as that makes a right cross, but maybe that is what they want. That would be move 2 to cable needle, knit 2 holding in back, knit the 2 from the cable needle.

But again they may tell you somewhere what they mean. If it is a book there may be a key somewhere, or a website, same thing. :shrug:

I wish I could refer to the pattern book. It was a pattern copied from co-workers mag. and I don’t have it available to me now.
I thank you and this site for the wonderful help.

Usually when something indicates the cable front or back the number in the listing indicates the total number of stitches involved in creating the cable. So a C4F means that 4 stitches are going to be involved in that cable. So you will slip two to the cable needle, move to the front, knit the next two stiches, then knit two from the cable needle. So in total 4 stitches were used, but only 2 were placed on the cable needle.

This used to confuse the crap out of me when I first started cables as well. If you’re feeling daring, search online to find how to do cables without a cable needle. It’s scary at first, but makes your knitting go much faster once you get the hang of it.