What does B & T tightly mean

[color=blue]Have this abbreviation in a pattern I got off the internet and dont understand what it means, can anyone please help as am knitting a toy for my nephew.[size=6][/size][color=blue][/color][/color]

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I don’t know what B &T tightly means. Can you give us more context, or a link to the pattern itself? I’m sure somebody could figure out if so.

Perhaps it mean to [color=red]B[/color]ind off [color=red]&[/color] [color=red]T[/color]ie tightly ??? :?

Just a thought …

Cut yarn from ball leaving a tail.

Thread tail on to a tapestery needle
Thread needle through the remaining stitches on needle
Pull tail through pull tight and tie off
A basic knot will be fine

I copied above from the information below

A simple demonstration showing how to B&T tightly. This is often used for knitted toys to effect shaping from angelbear.org.uk
See video: http://www.youtube.com/user/nursenoonoo
From: nursenoonoo | January 18, 2010 | 378 views

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I am new to knitting and trying to am make Jean Greenhowe’s Toybox William. I was looking for what B & T meant also when I came across this post. It maybe an old post but it certainly helped me out today :slight_smile:

Another 5 years since the answer was posted, I just came accross this B & T tightly in a pattern for Mr Frosty and wondered what it was, so googled it and found it here.
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