What does B mean in a knitting pattern with cables

I’m working on this cable hat and it doesn’t have any abbreviations for B. But it says “LT, P4, k1, p1, B6, kfb, p4…” I cant find anything on what B means. Someone please help! Thank you!

I’m not sure. Can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link if possible? Also please edit your post to remove the full pattern. It’s okay to post a few lines when you have problems, but the whole pattern is a copyright issue.

Sorry I had a feeling I shouldn’t have posted it. The pattern is a Free pattern by Lion Brand called “Fisherman’s wool Inishturk sweater and Tam”. This is the link : https://m.lionbrand.com/item/313133303031

It’s strange that after referring to charts and panels by name and letter, they suddenly refer to “B” but it means Braid B. You can see it in the chart for crown decreases in the hat pattern.
Great looking cables work.

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