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HI again!

I have a different type of question and since I’m new to the board ( this is my 4th post!!) I’m not sure if I putting it in the right area. But here it is…

Do any if the towns that you live in have knitting only stores, like where you could go to take classes, or buy supplies, or sit with others and kniit? I am really interested in opening one, but am a little unsure if this would be something that others are interested in. I live in Fresno(clovis), CA and I think that it would be a great place to open a store like this…

Please let me know what you think.


I just went to my first class two weeks ago. It was two towns away from me. I wish it were in my town. It is about 23 minutes away. It is in two rooms of this girls house. It was full of books, yarns, and every knitting and rug hooking thing you would need. She has classes scheduled but she also has an open knitting session (which I went to) on every other Tuesday morning and on Thursday nights.
There were only four of us there learning BUT you have to understand that the towns are so small around here that an Amish buggy going down the street is a lot of traffic.
Hope if you decide to go for it that is goes well,

I don’t have anything like that here in Rio Rancho, NM but it has also been something I have been thinking about too. Sounds like something I can do after I retire…in about 8 years :rollseyes:

We have 3 in my city, 2 have just opened in the past year (maybe a bit over a year)…but, they seem to be thriving…especially the newest one; great location, owner, products, etc. Everytime I go in there it is full (and this is the biggest LYS that I have ever been in!).
LOL, I started knitting in Juned 2004, then shortly after that, I find a new knitting store…then, before too much longer, another one!!..this last one being my fave; they are just starting an online store, too: http://www.redneedleyarns.com/ :smiley:

My LYS is about 25 minutes away- it is wonderful!! Lots and lots of yarn, and I like the fact that they have the regular plain stuff along with the super luxury expensive stuff. They also have a bunch of books, and knitting bags and needle bags. They offer monthly classes- I just took an “advanced beginner” knitting class. The classes are limited to 5 people per class, to keep it managable for the teacher.
There is another, smaller store about 25 minutes in the other direction- I’ve only been there once- last week. They are more fancy- lots of “frou-frou” yarn and very expensive. They offer “knit-in” classes, where you have the choice of maybe 10 different projects, and then can drop in whenever you want during the class times, whether it be to get help, or just to knit with others. They are nobleknits.com.

Good luck!!!

In Portland Oregon we have DOZENS of knitting stores. Most if not all have classes. The local knitting guild is very active as well. They just hosted a bus tour of the west side knitting stores. In the spring (I think) they’re doing the Eastside. PDX is knitting central. Lemme see if I ccan find some links fer ya to have an idea of what its like to have yer own store.

So here’s just some of the websites of knitting stores around town. There’s a lot more that don’t have websites (Or I just don’t know the address)







Here in Reno, NV, we have one FABULOUS yarn store (Jimmy Beans Wool). They offer classes and apparently have a knitting group that I haven’t been invited to :frowning: , and their yarn is awesome! She also owns another store about 45 minutes away in Truckee, CA… that’s where I first found her and she told me about her Reno store (before it was open).

If knitting is as popular in Fresno as it’s becoming in Reno, you would be so smart to open a store. New knitters (and old knitters) want a place to go for new patterns, help, etc.

GOOD LUCK! Let us know if you decide to do it.