What do you think of my potential business name?

So I’m working on starting a business for my crafts. I’d be selling a wealth of different things like mini shrines, handpainted yarn, vintage necklaces, stitch markers, etc. The name I’m thinking of is “m is for menagerie”, because a “menagerie” means a collective of many things because I’ll be stocking so many different random things. Also, because my name starts with an “m” too. Thoughts? Better ideas?

I also thought of “The Junk Drawer” but I don’t know… :rollseyes: [/b]

Oooooh! I love “M is for…”!! Very clever and catchy. I’d not go with junk drawer, some people may be afraid to open the door for fear of twist ties and dried up ink pens falling on them! tee hee

I really do think “M…” is a GREAT idea!

Very unique…love it…M is for Menagerie would certainly catch my eye :wink:

I actually like “The Junk Drawer” but it sounds like a second hand shop or a consignment store or something like that…not so much a craft store.

Menagerie sounds like a place i would shop…not sure if there would be an issue with people not knowing how to say it though. Does that stop people from shopping somewhere? :thinking:

I think the “M is for…” is the great! I do like Junk Drawer, but I’d assume it was a second hand place, too.

thanks everyone for the input! One of my concerns is it will be hard for people to spell!

It sounds like a great name to me. I’d probably go all out with the m’s and name all of my creations with something that begins with m. :rollseyes:

I would think the menagerie is in reference to animals. But the “M is for…” piece is good.