WHAT DO YOU THINK? about Interchangeable needles?

O.k since i’m almost finished with my 1st project i’m looking forward to my next and I came across some interchangeable needles on Ebay. (Don’t get em there though, their going for more used than if you look elsewhere new.) So since with every new hobbie of mine I jump in with both feet and i’m ready to jump. (Even with my limited knowledge of knitting :roll: ) So does any1 have an opinion?

                                   There are 3 choices-    

1.)  Denise interchangebles US size 5-15 and about $44.00

2.) Boye Neddlemaster Interchngble Circular needles about $69.00 (This has lots more needles which i haven't a clue what they're all 4 but thinking I might need them in the near future?)

3.) Bamboo intrchngble's for $109.00  ( with about as many needles as the Denise kit.)

Does any1 here have a set such as these? How do you like them? If you had a choice which would you buy? Or would you not buy the kit and just build up a set? Please let me know what you think, i’m already chompin’ at the bit but i’ll hold off for a few to see what you all have to say!
Thanks for your input!!! :smiley: :smiley:


I have heard nothing but bad things about the Boyd Needlemaster. I would go for the Denise…I just ordered a kit myself! Even though it’s the cheapest, I hear it doesn’t snag at the joins like the Boyd set does. As far as bamboo, I don’t know. Pretty pricey to start off with, but bamboo is really nice…maybe in the future? But the Denise kit saves hundreds of dollars over buying each individually. Did you read the review from Knitty in the Denise website?
That’s what solidified it for me.

I don’t have any sets myself, but here’s a previous discussion of this topic…


That might help you out. I’m really eager to get some too, but I’m holding off for now.

I have the Denise set myself, and I love it! The needles are smooth, the cables sturdy but flexible, and it’s just so darn easy to just try out some needle sizes, or even switch in the middle of a project!
I’ve got three projects on the needles right now, all on Denise. :slight_smile:

I also regularly stuff my work into my bag, and provided you push down the knitting to beneath the grey needle bit, that is no problem.

I highly recommend the set.

Edited to add; this probably goes for all circular needles, but it’s sooooo much more comfortable to work with those than with straight needles when you knit flat, even with relatively small projects.

I have seen lots of posts here by various people supporting both the Denise set and the Boye set. I can’t express an opinion about the Denise set as I have never used them, but I have had the Boye Needlemaster set for about two months and I love them.
I haven’t had problems with yarn snagging at the joins; as long as they are joined tightly and correctly, there’s no problem. I like them well enough that I’m not looking around for other/better needles at all now.
Just my humble opinion.
I’m sure others will respond with their individual preferences.

I bought the Denise set and am quite happy with them. I wanted a set that I could take when I fly without having to worry about arguing with security. The Denise are plastic (or resin they say) so are not an issue. Also I used some Clover bamboo circular needles (not interchangeable) and hated them - the yarn caught on the join and drove me nuts - this is not a problem with the Denise - they aren’t as smooth as the Addi Turbos but some people think those are too slippery. And, like others, I struggle with finding the right size needle - I usually try 3 or 4 before I settle in for a project - that would cost more than the Denise set right there.

I did break the join on one cord, it just snapped off. But I sent it in to be replaced and there were plenty other cords to use until the new one came.

My only complaint is the limited size range - they say they will come out with larger sizes but as I knit very loosely, I need smaller sizes.

Over all I think they are the only way to go when you first start to buy needles.

I really like the Boye set, and I thought I would hate it. I was going to get a bamboo interchangable…but there isn’t a pair with as many needles as the boye or denises (that I could find anyhow).

Really, just buy from a place where you can knit with them for a bit and bring them back if you don’t like it.

(Oh, and if you buy the Boye set use a Michael’s or JoAnn’s coupon to get it. dh got mine for 40% off…so about 50.00. SWEET! )

A caveat though…even though I have every needle known to man, I still bought a pair of Addi’s in the size I needed to do a huge project that I will be nitting on for a while. Oh Addi…when will you make a set? :frowning:

I bought my brand new never used before Denise set on ebay for $34.95. I love them. I use them all the time.

The seller I got mine from actually has an ebay store. I can completely vouch for them as a seller. Here is a link:


Thanks for all your input every1. I bought the Boye set for 69.95 incl. shipping from an Ebay store (there’s a link that is attached to one of the replies of this post). I called 2 Joanne Fabric stores but they didn’t have them. Should recieve them early next week I hope. Can hardly wait… :shock:
Again thanks you guys!

i bought the denise. they are great