What do you mean "patt 7 sts"?

The pattern says ;

Row1 k2,p1, k38, p1,k3,p1,k to last 3 sts,p1,k2.
Row2 purl.

These 2 rows form main patt.

Place a marker at each side of center 13 sts.

Next row: Patt 7 sts, skp, k to wihin 2 sts of marker , k2 tog, slip marker onto right needle, patt 13 sts, Slip marker onto right needle, skp, k to last 9 sts, k 2 tog, patt to end.

What do you mean “patt” in this case. I have no idea. And one more thing, ddoes this pattern mean you just slip the marked st?

Patt means “knit the [U]patt[/U]ern as established” .
In this case, the pattern is established in Rows 1 & 2.

Thank you for the reply but I am new to knitting so I still don’t get how I can do 2 rows in 7 sts.
Does that mean first 7 sts? Like k1, p2,k5?

Your directions are all in[COLOR=Red] [B]bold[/B] [/COLOR]above. Don’t forget the skp’s either. You are not just working (or patterning 7). You are moving on down the row.

Pattern writers are lazy…look at it that way. Instead of spelling out what the 7 actually are for [B]Patt 7…[/B]

Reading and deciphering patterns is not easy! Very confusing at times! And it doesn’t get any better. Some patterns are even worse…even for old timers like me.

Patt 7 means to work 7 sts in the pattern. So work the first 7sts in the pattern, dec, knit across to 2 sts before the marker, dec again do another 13 sts in pattern, dec, knit to 9 sts before the marker, dec and do the rest of the sts in the pattern.

The reason they say to ‘patt x’ sts is not necessarily laziness, but depending on the size you’re making and what decs have gone before, it may be difficult type out detailed instructions.

Oh, I feel so stupid to ask the same question over and over.
I asked my husband if he understands what it says because I am not a native English speaker, and he said " no" :frowning:

so I am going to write down what I think it means and please correct me if it’s wrong.

These 2 rows form pattern[COLOR=“Blue”]
Row1 k2,p1, k38, p1,k3,p1,k to last 3 sts,p1,k2.
Row2 purl.[/COLOR]

Patt 7 sts=(k2,p1,k5), skp, k to within 2 sts of marker, k2 tog, slip
marker onto right needle, patt 13 sts=(k13), Slip marker onto right needle, skp, k to last 9 sts, k 2 tog, patt to end.=(k7)

I see “patt” 3 times on the instruction so firstly I knit the first 7 sts then the second patt I continue the patt where I left off then the third one finish off or until the row ends?

And does “slip marker onto right needle” means really just slip?

I am completely lost. Please help me!!

To slip a marker means to just move it from one needle to the other.

You almost have it - work the first 7 sts (k2, p1, k[B]4[/B]) skp then knit across to 2 sts before the marker k2tog, sl marker. Do the next 13 sts in the pattern, move marker, skp, knit to the last 9 sts, k2tog then [B]k4 p1 k2[/B]. You notice that the beginning of row and end of row are the same, just reversed.

thank you for your patience, Suzeeq!! I’d like to say I understood. But actually it’s more confusing.
I got the first patt right although I counted wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
you didn’t mention the sencond patt in detail. Is k13 right? The third one, I don’t know why it’s k4. I wouldn’t ask this question if I didn’t have “patt” any more but I have at least 10 more :frowning:

Here are some more examples.

Patt 7 sts, skp, patt to last 9 sts, k2tog, patt to end. (65sts)

Patt to last 3 sts, k3

if you could let me know how to figure out how to count the patt sts, I would really really appreciate. Please stick with me!!

The thing is, I don’t know where your markers are. I’m assuming that they’re somewhere in the k38 sts, or in the [COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]'k to last 3 st[COLOR=Black]s"[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] so the 13 sts might be all knits but there’s the “[COLOR=Blue]p1,k3,p1” [COLOR=Black]that’s in the middle of those sections of knit sts. So you probably do knit 13, I just don’t know.

The last part “[/COLOR][/COLOR]patt to last 9 sts, k2tog, patt to end” would have to be k4. You have 9 sts at the end of the row, then you k2tog which leaves 7; the last 3 sts are p1, k2, so the other 4 sts of the 7 would be knit.

Have you tried doing it this way on your needles? Sometimes when we try to figure it out in our heads, it just doesn’t work. You have to actually DO it with the yarn and needles and then you see what’s going on.

Ok, I will try to do it when my baby sleeps.
Thank you so much for your time, suzeeq:muah:

By the way, the marker is on the both sides of center 13 th st.

I think when you knit this up it will be more clear. The basic thing to know is when a pattern says ‘patt 7 or 11 or 21’ it means to work that number of sts in the pattern that you’ve been working in. You’ve probably knit several rows in the basic stitch pattern, you’re just going to decrease sts in it is all. You should be able to see the pattern and just stack the same stitches over the previous ones when you get to that point.

The instruction said “Place a maker at each side of center 13 sts”. And I thought that means before and after 13th sts of center. And I was knitting that way for 5 rows and realized it’s wrong.

And as you see on the picture, I tried to figure out where the right markers should be. BUT there’s something wrong.
The pattern says “slip marker, patt 13 sts, slip marker…” Doesn’t that mean I should either place a marker at each side of center 15 sts or patt 11 sts? Right now I have 87 sts on the needle.

Now I am really stuck. What should I do?

If the pattern says to put the markers on either side of the center 13, that’s where you put them. That would be the middle 13 of however many you have on the needle.

That fits with the instructions - (k2,p1,k5), skp, k to within 2 sts of marker, k2 tog, slip marker onto right needle, patt 13 sts=(k13), Slip marker onto right needle, skp, k to last 9 sts, k 2 tog, patt to end.=(k7) - where you dec a stitch before the first marker and after the 2nd one while working the 13 sts in the middle.

This part - k to within 2 sts of marker, k2 tog, slip marker onto right needle - means you work to 2 sts before the marked, k2tog, then slip the marker.

I think I got most part you are teaching me. However, I still have one problem.

If I slip the first marker and knit 13sts, I cant stop thinking I would pass the second marker by 2 sts. Then I dont know how could I slip the marker? Do you know what I mean?

The decs are before the first and after the 2nd marker, the 13 sts are between them. After you slip the first marker, you work 13 sts, slip the 2nd marker and do a dec.

I did figured out WHY I thought I only had 11 sts left. That’s because I placed the marker ON the stitch. One of my friend told me… I’ve never used a marker before so I just did my way.

Thank you again for your time and patience. It must be very frustrating for you to answer my questions again and again. You are the best:happydance:

Oh I see. Yes, you generally put markers on the needle and they travel with you up the knitting. Sometimes you put a marker on an end stitch so you have a place you measure from, but these are removeable ones (like a safety pin, or you can use a paper clip) that you take out.

Glad you got it figured out!