What do you mean by "work even in st st for 15 rounds"?

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner for knitting and I am starting to knit a hat.
I am currently switching to stockinette stitch which says:

“On first round inc 10 sts by working k9 kfb across round” 110 sts(which i already done it)

“Work even in st st for 15 rounds” which this part confuses me.

Does it mean I have to inc every 10 sts every round? Or just the first round and I can just have to knit 110 sts for the rest of the 14 rounds? What do you mean by work even?

Appreciate anyone could advise me… I am stuck here! :knitting:

Work even just means that you don’t increase or decrease. 110 sts will stay 110 sts. If you’re working in the round (and I think you are), that’s just doing the knit st for 15 rounds, and you’ll get stockinette st.

Yes I am starting a hat and thanks for the helpful advice! :woot:

Work even always means don’t do any more incs (or decreases if they were just before the ‘work even’ instructions).