What Do You Like to Do While Knitting?

Bit of a random question, but I am curious as to what other people do in the background while knitting. For example, I listen to music or have YouTube videos in the background, knitting-related or otherwise (usually not knitting related :P) In between knitting sessions I just chill or try to catch up on homework because high school :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t normally knit just to knit – I knit because I can’t do something else. :blush:

For the most part, I’m in conversation with other people while I’m knitting because I’m at my daughter’s dance class or at the knitting group I just joined. If there isn’t anyone for me to talk to (at dance), then I might put on my headphones and listen to some podcasts while I’m waiting.

I used to knit while I watched TV, but I found that I missed a lot of what was going on visually in my shows, so I don’t do that anymore.

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I tend to knit while hibernating in my room listening to my radio. Which happens pretty much every day.
Although now that the weather is taking a turn for the better I am outside more often, working in the garden.:woohoo:


I like to knit while listening to audio books. It’s a nice change from the TV, and as sakura-panda alluded to, you don’t miss something important to a scene in your favorite show.


I often listen to either nature documentaries(usually cheetahs and lions if that’s the case) or Wild Kratts while I am knitting.

I love watching TV or YouTube tutorials, haha. My favorite things to watch are shows on Investigation Discovery AND Food Network. If I’m knitting, I want to watch something that isn’t too distracting or requires too much of my attention, hehe. I have made that mistake a few times & my knitting definitely suffered. :aww:

I like to listen to my favorite lyric music…

Relaxed and lyrical music, do not like heavy metal music

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I love listening to audiobooks. My tastes are all over the place, so lots of different genres to keep me entertained.
I also “watch” reruns - Andy Griffith, Mash, any of the CSI type shows, anything I’ve seen before, so I know what everyone looks like, and I can glance up at the tv for the good stuff. I’m getting better at knitting without looking down too, so that helps.

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I like to knock back a few glasses of Jim Beam and watch the history channel with my husband.

Watch anime or movies on netflix while drinking gallons of tea and the ocassional whiskey :thumbsup:

play on the computer or watch tv

I prefer to put on a TV rerun that I don’t have to concentrate on.

I knit watching sports on t.v. Hubby is really into sports, you see. I know way more about football than I ever wanted to but it doesn’t stop there.
Tennis, golf even, soccer, baseball, curling… etc.
I confess to liking curling… :slight_smile:
Anyway, I knit while he watches sports because I don’t really want to watch sports… but I like to be with him when he’s doing it. He likes to discuss the games with me and sometimes he reaches over and holds my hand. Naturally, the knitting stops right then… :slight_smile:
I can go on the computer, do my embroidery, draw pictures in my little ‘studio’ (the large closet that passes for a second bedroom in our condo) sitting in my nice little rocker, my best lighting beaming down on my stitches after he goes to bed. Til that time, I get to be with him and I don’t care what’s on t.v. because it’s worth it.
You never know what tomorrow will bring…


I either watch TV, or while I’m surfing the internet (my computer can be incredibly slow, so it helps me keep my sanity and refrain from throwing my computer out the window)

I usually watch the television or listen to music. Personally, I can’t knit if I’m sitting in the front of the computer. Can’t concentrate while surfin :slight_smile:

I knit while watching TV :slight_smile:

hmm. I watch tv, or knit while on the bus to/from work. or at break-time.

watch the TV, sit beside the embroidery machine or just sit talking to the dogs, they seem to enjoy that…

I usually knit in the frontroom, comfy in my recliner, the yarn in a bowl beside my chair and the television on. I’m learning a lot about hockey, baseball, curling, football, etc… hubby loves sports and I like being with hubby so I knit, he watches sports… :slight_smile:
TEMA :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

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