What do you keep your knitting in?

I was curious what everyone keeps their knitting projects in.

I sewed my own knitting bag with handles, but I’ve found recently with larger projects that the knitting gets tangled.

So then I tried a large plastic slide lock bag and it does ok, but it’s not the best for storing my knitting needles and crochet hook in (it pokes holes).

What does everyone else keep their knitting in?

And on a side subject – if you have a cat, do you also have to constantly keep the cats from getting into your knitting!!! Grrr! LOL

what i keep my knitting stuff in is like almost a tote like bag, that’s for my yarn. for my needles i found a needle roll up tie thing at my local Jo-Ann store. but ya thayt’s what i do

Hmm… I think I’ll be heading off to Spotlight (the local craft store) to find something proper to hold all my knitting essentials in.

Ohhh how I miss hobby lobby back home!!! I can’t wait to step foot in there again!

Much to my husband’s dismay, I keep my projects all over in the living room (we have a small apartment). My family gave me a pull-string project bag for Christmas that stands up on its own which has multiple locking pockets for my knitting and crochet doo-dads. I keep my crochet hooks in a roll-up pouch that came with the bag. I tend to keep individual projects sealed in plastic bags to prevent the yarns that shed from shedding on the regular yarns.
I am currently looking for some sort of cubelike Ottoman that has storage inside to hide my stash- the cardboard box that holds my stash is looking bad.
When I feel funky, I put multiple skeins of similar yarns in a big vase as a decoration on my kitchen table (they are pretty as a flower, but don’t wilt or go bad).
My knitting needles are kept in a glass vase so that they are on display. I am an aluminum needle fan, so the colors look inspiring to me and they don’t get bent or caught in my stash this way.

I usually carry my knitting in a pinkish purple tote that I got at the Good-Will. I keep my needles and crochet hooks in a tub type thing that my aunt gave me back in march and it works great.

And my cat’s DO get into my knitting. :rollseyes: I’m suprized that they havn’t read out my stash yet.

Mine are usually just on the coffee table, but if I go somewhere I put them in a nondescript bag till I get another one. My cat doesn’t pay any attention to my knitting.

I have the Chicks with Sticks bag from Knitty.com. I love it :slight_smile:

I have two cats and a kitten and they are forever trying to play with my knitting. I can no longer attempt to knit when the kitten is in the lounge with me because he bats at the knitting needles and pulls on the yarn. LOL

For me it depends on the project as to what I store it in. I have a knitting stand bag that I tend to use for whatever my “at home” project is. I currently use a small shopping bag for my sock on the go, but I want to make a small felted bag for that since my needles won’t come out of that as easily.

I carry my projects back and forth to work in a walmart bag… :??

At home they sit in a laundry basket by wherever I’m sitting. (Usually at the computer)

I have different totes lol… I have the big orange knitting tote that I keep projects in, then the pink knitting tote for joanns… and a denim tote like thing… when I put something down for awhile I put them in zip loc bags to protect for the kids/cats… I also one of those stands that pulls out use that too :rofling:

My cat loves my knitting… I have a time with him… He will hide under my chair and then I’ll come to a wet soggy end have to find him where he is chewing on the rest… a water bottle comes in handy… :rofling:

For carrying my knitting, I just bought this bag from Old Navy. I LOVE it, it’s very large and easy to carry with me.

Then for home, for projects I’m not working on and my books, I have a bag that I got from a friend.

I have the Denise and Boye interchangeables, which are in cases, so I don’t have to worry about needle storage.

I carry mine in a duffel bag they gave my boyfriend at the hospital he works at. I’m a big walking ad for 'em, but it was free and a good canvas bag. I have 'em in two sizes now, so if I’m carry a small project I use the smaller of the two, 'cause the large one can get heavy when I stuff it full of crap.

I carry mine in one of my knitted tote bags that I made. It depends on which project I am using as to which bag I will put it in. :happydance:

My my birthday my husband gave me a Vera Bradley bag (“tote”) and I tend to use it to carry around my project b/c it’ll also hold my keys and wallet. I’ve never really experienced things getting tangled…
I also have a cute as a button drawstring top duffle bag that my mom bought for me at an arts festival and I tend to use it from time to time as well. My addis stay in their packages in a shoebox and my boye needlemaster stays in it’s case. My dpns kind of float around in my at home knitting baskey which is the twisted seagrass tote by lantern moon–it sits beside my rocking chair. I keep meaning to make a needle tote for dpns and such but never seem to have time…

I have LOTS of projects going at once, so I’ve had to be creative. :smiley:

If I have a project that requires different colors, or more than one skein, I keep it in a traditional knitting stand by my rocker in the craft room. That one stays put.

For the rest of my projects, I use baskets. I like using baskets, because when I’m on my way out the door, I can just grab one of my baskets and take it with me. I have baskets of all sizes, ready to use in my craft room. I got most of them at yard sales, thrift stores, or consignment stores. :thumbsup:

Also, one of my piano students gave me a BagSmith project tote. It’s a “fancy schmancy” bag, so I use it when I feel like “showing off” my knitting projects. Like at a knitting meeting or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have any pets to worry about, so I guess that’s why I like baskets!

For carrying things around, I use the bag from my lys… the one they give you when you buy something. It has nice handles, is of thick plastic and shaped like a gift bag. It’s also got a cardboard bottom which makes it more sturdy.

At home I keep my stash overflow in a large laundry style wicker basket which is covered with a quilt. The stuff that I’m working with and all my WIPs stay in a pretty basket that sits between my chair and the endtable. That’s where all my other knitting stuff collects as well.

I have a small denim bag that holds my current wip :wink:

I usually keep my current project in my hands

I carry my knitting in a homemade bag!! And I am soo proud of it!

More details in my blog: