What do you do with the long tail at the ends?

I bound off my scarf but I have that long tail of yarn at both ends. What do I do with it? Thanks!

Congratulations on finishing your scarf! Now just weave those tails into the scarf for a ways to prevent them from coming undone and clip them off. (I like to use a large plastic needle for the weeving part) Some folks use a crochet hook, I think, others a regular needle.

Hope this helps!


Here’s a tutorial on what’s probably the best way to weave in ends. I also prefer a tapestry needle, FWIW.

Oh, and congrats on your scarf! :cheering:

Actually, first cut your ends to about 3", then weave them in. 6" or more is a bit much to do that with.

It depends on what way you want to work your tail in. If you are going to learn to do the duplicate stitch thing that the gal gave the link to (and it is a cool method) you need a longer tail to work with. No matter how long your tail is and which way you want to work, a long tail won’t really complicate things. You don’t have to work all of it in just because it is there. Work it in until you feel confident that it won’t come out and then cut it off.