What do you do with the cast on tail?

do you weave it in when you’re done with a project?i’ve finished ONE thing before but didn’t seam it right.What’s the best way to seam and/or weave?is there some trick to it?how long do I need to leave the tail after binding off?:knitting:

Yep, just weave it in. Leave it long enough to weave, and then just snip off the excess after weaving.

i watched one of the videos here where the instructor worked it in to her first row of knitting and i liked that idea too.

I usually knit the first 4 or 5 stitches or so with the tail and the working yarn, then I trim it off. Otherwise I leave it about 6-8" long and weave at least 1/2 of it in, then clip it.

Sometimes (if it’s a sleeve or something I’ll have to seam later) I leave it long so I can use it to seam.