What do you do with leftover sock yarns?

So i’ve been on a sock knitting kick, and i find that i always end up with some leftover sock yarn. sometimes more or less, depending on the pattern and the skein.
what do you do with it?
i was thinking it’d be neat to make a scarf or something out of all of it. like entrelac maybe? and just use some black sock yarn inbetween the colored layers to tie them all together. would that work?
the only other thing i could come up with was knit a tubular scarf (basically a 60 stitch sock that keeps going and going and going) and work the colors in the pattern used on the sock. so, i would use the jitterbug yarn i used for my jigsaw socks, and knit that section in the jigsaw lace pattern…

what do you think?
what do you use your leftovers for?

I haven’t knitted socks, so I can’t give a personal experience answer, but in looking at yarns I’ve seen some beautiful baby sweaters knitted with sock yarn. The EZ baby surprise sweater could be a really nice creative project using leftover yarn. That’s my opinion based solely on looking at pics of the sweater.

I was at my local sheep farm the other day, buying sock yarn, and the owner was telling me about one of her customers who makes sort of matching scarves with sock yarn. She double strands with a dk weight and gets a nice effect. I personally haven’t seen it, but it sounds nice. You might be able to save up leftovers from a few and make a multi-colored scarf or hat using that idea.

I’m keeping lots of bits - oh, hell, who am I kidding - I’m buying lots of oddballs too :aww: - to make a wrap of some sort. I keep seeing these in nice wraps in lys done in lots of different yarns - different textures, weights, ect, and I want to do something like that.

I like your idea too - I cna’t comment on entrelac as I’ve never done it, and colorwork sort of scares me:shifty:. Just go for it - you can always rip it out.

I thought I read somewhere that someone was making a blanket for their son with leftover sock yarn. Kind of like a crazy quilt…

I like the entrelac idea, that would be really pretty.
I’m saving my extra sock yarn up to make more socks. I’m planning on makeing some striped ones for my kids. Or just cute baby socks. Those make great gifts. Or preemie baby hats. You’d be surprised at how small they need them to be.

Maybe you can make squares from them to sew together for a blanket.

I always use leftover sock yarn to make kippot-they come out really nice with sock yarn-so keep that in mind if you have any Jewish friends!

some months ago, i posted on my blog, 101 things to do with left over sock yarn…

there are many links to great ideas–you might not find exactly what you want. but its a start!

I’ve used leftover sock yarn to make ipod socks and baby socks.

baby socks and baby hats. Especially the self stripe kind…it makes pretty hats and sweaters for babies and the weight is good for preemies! :slight_smile:

HOw about making a pair of multi colored socks? At least that’s what I plan to do. Could use them for around the house.

At the risk of being burned in effigy… I use my leftover yarns to make punch-needle yarn-sculpted mats or rugs like this:

Pretty, Dot!

I am either going to knit a multicolor blanket a la Mason Dixon (Log Cabin) or do a garter stitch or i cord spiral rug. Not sure yet.

12-- Make lengths of I-cord and use as shoe laces --be obsessive and change laces in your sneaker/shoes on a daily basis to match your socks. (Note: this is borderline insanity)

This idea rocks! Thanks of Troy! (Please note that I will not be changing my laces daily, however. :wink: )

1-2 cups leftover natural fiber sock yarn
2 cups gravy

Steam sock yarn until tender.
Heat gravy.

Combine and eat.

:teehee:MrsDavis :teehee:

I plan on making thesesocks in every color combo I can…to use up the extra…but right now all my extra sock yarn is in glass jars, in pretty wound up balls waiting :teehee:

such good ideas!
very pretty dot!
and very fiberful stew, mrs. davis! :teehee:

i’ll look into the log cabin. otherwise, i think i might just make patchwork scarves or a stripey hat for the little man!
although, i DO want to challenge myself and do the entrelac…

The entrelac would work out fine and certainly look different to the usual run of scarves.I kmust admit I make blankets with my odd yarn.Some I do for the grandaughters dolls and some for the pet beds.Nice stripey socks for wearing round the house sound cosy.If any of it is cotton yarn make dishcloth/facecloths as if packed in a little bag with a matching bar of soap the facecloths make a lovely gift for friends.

I dunno… sounds stringy. :think:


Speaking of using your extra yarn to make miles of i-cord, has anyone heard of something called a [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Lucet? I’m very tempted to get one. It seems interesting. Here are some [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]instructions on how to use one. [/FONT][/COLOR]