What do you do when

your center pull ball starts unwinding from the outside?

Usually when I buy yarn and it’s already wound (I’m using Plymouth Encore,) I just pull out the center thread and start knitting. Should I be winding a ball anyway? Now I have these pesky threads that will tangle with my knitting yarn if I don’t do something.

Is my only choice to go ahead and wind from the thread that has come loose?


I usually wind that extra end around the skein and hope it doesn’t make me crazy. If there’s a lot left, then I wind it from that end.

I wind it around the skein and then slip it under several pieces of yarn and then sort of loosely tie it around so it’s secure. Seems to work fine for me that way.

My biggest complaint is when the other end that should be outside is inside and comes out the same end as the working yarn. They get all tangled up so you end up having to wind a center pull ball. :doh:

I usually deal with it for a little while if it happened by mistake and it’s too late to rip back. But when it starts getting bad, I actually cut the yarn and join in a new one from the inside of the ball. I’m too impatient to wind the whole thing again.

I tend to wind everything with the ball winder, even it if it is technically in a center pull ball. I just like my little yarn cakes. :shrug:

I wind everyting on my own swift and winder too. I like to know ahead of time if there are any breaks or knots. Plus, I have never had any luck with those center pull skeins off the shelf. I always end up with a knot somewhere.

I just rewind that strand loosely around the outside (if I haven’t wound it then I can tuck it inside the ball band) and tuck the end under a few strands of the ball. You could use one of those tiny hairclips that ‘pop’ from being curved one way into the other direction… you know? I often use them to hold my working strand onto the ball so I can dangle them and let them untwist. Or a loose rubber band?

I also use those reddish foam mesh/nets that you get on bottles of alcohol (to cushion them) to put my balls in - they contract and hold the ball together so it doesn’t collapse as you take wool from the inside. Like a wool bra.


With my new ball winder on the way, I was wondering if people generally “re-balled” their yarn. I have started using the outside strand of my Encore because I’ve run into such yarn barf in the center when I try and use the center pull :!!!: