What do you carry in your knitting bag?

It’s actually a little bit of market research.


Any and all help would be hugely appreciated :smiley:

I usually just bring my current project on the needles, the pattern, post-its if I’m using a chart, a crochet hook and a pen.

I was using just a very large bag to carry my toting in and if I needed it when I went out to the dr or somewhere like that I just tossed my wallet in it buttttttttttttttttttttttttt I just got the Good to go Knitters tote and oh my stars I love it!! Its a little large for just tossing a wallet in but I really like it to carry my items that I’m not on the go with. On the outside it has 6 pockets for skeins of yarn, a hole that allows the yarn to go through to the inside, so no more tangles or what do I do with this yarn till I knit again, on the inside it opens up to all this space all around the sides are pockets, places for needles, and clear pockets… Then the bag is so roomy you have plenty of room for a book and your project… Right now I have it full LOL I really like it and so happy that now when I’m done working on something I just put my tip protectors on and drop it in the bag thats it… I’m done… :cheering:

I actually have two knitting bags b/c neither was quite big enough. :rollseyes:

My old knitting bag: three balls of yarn, four pairs of needles, a measuring tape, scissors, two sewing needles, and a half-finished project that I am now unraveling.

My new knitting bag: seven balls of yarn, three pairs of needles, a crochet hook, a measuring tape, a project that is finished knitting but needs to be sewn together, and in the bottom, a random assortment of non-knitting items, including 4 batteries (don’t know if they are new or used :thinking: ), a small flashlight, a pen, a highlighter, a book of letters from my mom, and a stack of papers from the hospital where my sons were born. (I took this bag to the hospital thinking I would knit while I recuperated. :roflhard: ).

I use both bags b/c I never know which bag has what I need. :?? It’s not a very efficient or attractive system…

Current project, pattern, post-its, measuring tape, a little eyeglasses case that has my crochet hook, cable needs, and stitch markers, a knitting magazine (just happens to be in there)…I’ll generally throw my wallet in there if I’m dragging to lunch with me or something.

If I’m going on a trip, the current project turns into 4 or 5 projects, and the knitting bag turns into a giant storage tub. And the book turns into a library…and the pumpkin turns into a bigger car to fit all this into…

scissors, yarn cutter, tape measure, Knifty Knitter tool, plastic needles, stitch markers, today I just added the Chibis, and current projects and their needles - right now 3 are shoved in there (scarf, bag, blanket) and kinda falling out.

If I’m taking my knitting out with me, I usually just take the yarn,needles and pattern I’m currently working with, in a felted bag that I made. Depending where I am on the project, I might take scissors/tape measure, etc.- my knitting bag at home has everything else in it. Patterns, yarn, all my needles, tape measure, scissors, stitch markers.

Thanks everyone!

I’m just working on a few ideas at the moment. I hope to have a ‘line’ of products out by January.

Reminds me… must talk to Amy about advertising :smiley:

well my ideal bag would allow me to bring a decent size project with me, i am not asking for an afghan, but a nice size unfelted purse would be good. The needles, my Boye case, the case that has some crochet hooks, tapestry needles, and a small pair of scissors. i also carry my sheepy tape measure with me all the time.

and that is just the knitting part! :wink:

i would also like to be able to carry a pair of sunglasses, a wallet, a bottle of whatever i am drinking at the moment (well besides the vodka of course! :rofling: ), my cell phone, and…hrmmm…some pens and various other crapolla.

AND, i want at least one of the pockets to have a zipper to it so that when my wallet is in it, i can close it!

AND i want all that to be smaller than your average pullman suitcase…lol

oh and in a color that won’t bore me so much i have to change it again in a month.

got something like that in mind? :roflhard: :roflhard:

Actually, that’s exactly what I have in mind :smiley:

I’m also looking at the ‘knitting’ part of the bag being an insert, so if you want to use it as just a tote (heaven forbid you go anwhere without yoru knitting) then you can just unzip/unclip the insert and go somewhere sans knitting.

I’m also thinking about something similar in the nappybag type style… or one bag with two inserts…

It’s all still fluid at this stage.

I carry my project, my “notions” bag (which is one of those free cosmetic bags you get with your Clinique/Estee Lauder/whatever purchase during Bonus Time), the pattern and other “papers” which include my Joann’s coupons for that month…my PERFECT knitting bag would…

(1) Have a separate THIN pocket along the face side JUST to hold patterns/printouts, keeping them nice and flat and unbent.

 (1a) Another similar pocket along the facing side to hold a knitting book wouldnt be a horrible thing to have, either.

(2) NOT have zippers or anything on the inside that could possibly snag my yarn.

(3) Be divided vertically from side-to-side on the inside…1/3 for my notions bag, wallet, whatever, and 2/3 of the space for my project.

(4) Have a wide STURDY bottom that would stand up and OPEN on its own.

(5) In spite of whatever makes the bottom sturdy, it would be nice if it were machine washable. (removable hard plastic sheet??)

(6) Should magically produce weekly Gift Certifcates for my LYS and/or online yarn sources (“OYS”?) in 100-dollar increments! :figureditout:

Well I didn’t read the question right last night LOL I thought you asked what type of knitting bag LOL anyways right now in mine I have

On the outside skein for a handbag and for my dad’s scarf… has a place for a water bottle so when I go outside or when I start my class I can have one with me… Inside I have crochet hooks lined up on the side along with straight needles and cables… In the clear pockets I have my tape measure, PM, and needle, in the close pockets I have a notebook and pin, and the smaller one I have tip protectors, and then I have scissors… thats all around the edge… then I have my SNB book that I always carry with me, wax paper, boye set case, and my project… I think thats all :thumbsup:

I do wish it had a bigger pocket to hide my wallet in that I could zip guess I could change to a smaller one and put it where my notebook is though… :thinking:

The search for the perfect knitting bag has been on going. (I am at the point I am hiding bags from my DH when I see something I think will be perfect…get it home and it isn’t :frowning: )

Anyways Here is what I generally carry. My current project and a sock project (never know which I will want to work on.) A little make up bag that holds my stitch holders, stitch markers, row counter, tape measure, scissors, cable needles, etc. And my pattern in a page protector if it is something I printed out on my computer or the book.

I have two bags I am currently going back and forth in using. Both I got at Target. The first one is just a simple tote. I don’t like this one since it is just one large compartment. Makes it hard to through in the cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. But it is roomy.

The other is a sturdy “purse/briefcase” thingy. I had bought it to hold work for my church ministry and just never use it for this purpose. It is sturdy enough to stand on its own. It has two compartments. One I use for my keys, wallet, cell phone, palm… inother words it is the purse part of the bag. The other side I use to store my knitting. I love how it serves the two purposes. But on the negative side, I can only carry a small project. (Think socks) And I don’t like how the bag closes. It is a fold over flap that snaps.

My ideal bag would be able to serve as a purse as well as my knitting bag, yet be roomy enough for more than socks or other small project. The closure wouldn’t be in the way and wouldn’t be anything that would catch the yarn. It would have at least two compartments.

Well, I have 1 very large duffel bag that I keep my many many pattern books (crochet and knit) in. I have a large tote bag that I am keeping to WIP’s in to take with me to work or the park or wherever. I have all my needles, hooks, measuring tape, scissors, cable needles, yarn needles, etc…in this great handmade quilted case I bought on Ebay. The darn thing is almost busting at the seems with all my stuff! It is also in this tote. I have other WIPs sitting in plastic grocery store bags all around the house. Sometimes I transfer them to the tote if I am going to work on them. But usually I am in a hurry or running late so I just grab the needle case and throw it into the grocery bag and go. I never leave my purse behind. Too much “necessarry” stuff in it to just take the wallet. I am often called “The Bag Lady” at work. :roflhard:

Maybe something large enough to keep at home but has several smaller detatchable compartments to be the take-along bags. Several so that you can have several WIP’s in one place and just pick one compartment and go.

What Margie said … that’s exactly what I do! :slight_smile: I actually have about 3 project bags and then my big knitting bag. I only take my big knitting bag along when I’m going to be gone for more than a day.

I was actually planning on making a smallish pouch (perhaps a felted pouch) to stash my smaller items – stitch markers, foldable scissors, tape measure, sewing needles, crochet hook, stitch holders, etc. That way I can just move that pouch from one project bag to the other depending on what I want to bring along.

Oh yeah, I also have sticky flags, a note pad and a pen.

What I’m thinking of would be a ‘take out’ type bag, where you could carry at least one mid size WIP (I will have to test if the foundation pattern can be enlarged for a more afghan type accomodation).

But from what I understand here are the 'top 5ish things that you’re looking for:
[ul]Something that looks nice[/ul]
[ul]Has a compartment for ‘purse stuff’[/ul]
[ul]Has compartments for your bits & pieces but no snaggy bits[/ul]
[ul]Stands up and open by itself[/ul]
[ul]Machine Washable[/ul]

Look about right?

And a compatment for a water bottle. mine always get mt project wet.



You were going to need testers right? :eyebrow:

That sounds great for a bag! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone!!

I’m off to design and work out the adjustments to my original pattern.

Next question…

What type of fabric would you prefer on the outside / inside of the bag?

Cotton Drill
Satin Jaquard
Or a variety?

Acetate Lining
Any of the above with one or more clear vinyl pockets?


You guys are the best help!