What do you call a group of men kniting?

Women have the “Stitch and Bitch” so what about men who knit?


Scratch and Stitch. :??
[SIZE=“1”](swapped the order, more like the “scratch and sniff” childrens book I read to my kids.)[/SIZE]

Stitch and Itch.
[SIZE=“1”](* back in the list.)[/SIZE]

Stitch and Holler. :eyebrow2:

  • Stitch - Brew and Frogg (cacunn)
    [SIZE=“1”](The more brew, the more you frogg)[/SIZE]

  • Stitch n’ Curse the Frogg :slight_smile:
    [SIZE=“1”](or just Curse the Frogg!)[/SIZE]


[SIZE=“1”](Since we men tend to do things alone. :wink: )[/SIZE]

(Edited by Jack)
*Note: I’ll add suggestions ( [B]How do I edit the poll?[/B] )

It was a funny thought that popped in my head when I spotted [B]yet another thread[/B] that mentioned the ebiquitous (and feminine) moniker of “[B]Stitch and bitch[/B].”[/SIZE]

Except, of course, for all the smart men who’ve found KH.com!:guyknitting:


Either a skein or a tangle.

Howver, I have to say, very few comments about male knitter have ever offended me; this poll I find VERY offensive.

Stitch - Brew and Frog

I am sorry, MMario, I mean no offense.

Please, don’t anyone take it personally. Iit was a funny thought that popped in my head when I spotted [B]yet another thread[/B] that mentioned the ebiquitous (and feminine) moniker of “[B]Stitch and bitch[/B].”

I’ll gladly edit the poll to include any humorous suggestions that can apply to us men who knit. (…It doesn’t look like I can edit the poll :frowning: )

Somehow the WWE “Smack Down” or “Cage Match” would seem to be unlikely, but couldn’t you picture baseball players knitting in the dugouts. That was the source of my scratch and spit references.

I’m more likely to enjoy a soccer game than watch baseball, but I can’t think of anything there.

[I]With a Tangled Skein[/I] is book three of [I]Incarnations of Immortality[/I] by Piers Anthony so I think of that when I see “tangled skein.”

–Jack :guyknitting:

Although I’m not a man I decided to vote in the poll anyway. I hope thats ok. I like stitch and itch, for no other reason then I like how it sounds.

As a female, I’m not offended by Stitch and Bitch so not offended by this poll either. But everyone has their opinions and limits.

I’m sure its all in fun. So, my vote is stitch & itch. Very cute.

:?? It wasn’t intended to be rude or offensive. It was only to be humorous… men laughing at themselves. :hug:

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Linda, all are welcome to comment and vote. I only regret that I can’t figure out how to change the poll options.

That was exactly my intent, “laughter is the best medicine.”

But, Jan, were you conflicted when you wrote that? :slight_smile: I’m thinking it would make better sense (the two sentences would agree) if you added an “n’t” to the “was” in the first sentence. :wink:

I suppose I can make a manual tally from the posted comments.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who celebrate!
Enjoy your

–Jack :guyknitting:

Burp and Fart.

I was thinking “Stitchy and Scratchy” :teehee:

:teehee: What a fun thread; I placed my vote.

Gotta love’em.


HAHA despite my ill stupor you made me laugh !!:yay:

I voted for stitch & itch althought I do love scratch and stitch too.


How funny… I voted for the stitch and scratch… I’m out numbered in my house 3 to 1 - happen to notice a lot of scratching… guess it is a man thing.

Good luck on your poll - I think you are right - women have the stitch & bitch the men should have something too.

I think it is sooo cool that men knit. I started to teach my 10 year old son how to knit and I showed him KH and all the men who knit. He thought it was cool.

Have a good one - happy knitting

Knights of the Garter (Stitch)

Guys in Purls

Princes and Frogs

The Cable Guys

The Cast-Offs
(no, you’d have to be British for that to work)

It’s just that…
maybe I don’t know the right men…
but the ones I do know, knitters included…
are pretty civilized…
and don’t spend their time (at least not all their time)
belching and farting and scratching and being slobs.
Even when they’re with other men.
As I said, maybe I don’t know the right men.