What do u do?

Hi again
I decided to change my knitted afgan to circular needles. I love it in that , the bulk of my knitting isnt all on one needle. That was getting heavy.
Now i would like to know what you all do with all the bulk, while you are still knitting it. Do you keep it on your lap, or in some sort of bag?
I am 2 weeks into learning to knit, and I love it. I cant put it down.

because I have cats I keep the bulk in a plastic bag, so it’s easy to put away when I’m done and it doesn’t get fur on it. Also makes turning the work and so the bulk much easier, 'cos the plastic slides. HTH

I personally like having all my yarn around me :heart: - I can make sure I’m keeping my stitches consistent, and whether it’s a gift or I’m keeping it for myself, I like to think all the good knitting vibes are getting in there too. I might feel differently if I was knitting something heavy in the summer, but I tend to switch to lighter yarns when the weather gets warm, so it’s not normally an issue. I say do whatever makes you comfortable. And good luck with it! An afghan is ambitious - I normally suggest scarves to start! - good for you! And be sure to post pics when you get done.

when i knit my work sits in my lap…

I don’t knit afghans but I can relate since I crochet, Tunisian crochet (with cabled hooks) and Crochet on the Double (with a long stick hook) huge afghans.

I use the afghan to cover up with while I work.

That ability and being cold all the time was one of the main reasons I took all this up.
This way I’m doing something and not being a couch potato wrapped up in a blanket all winter long.

I try to get a couple large ones going before it gets cold so they’ll be big enough by the time it gets cold.

The afgan is my 3rd knitted project. i made a bib, and a scarf so far. I have crocheted many many afgans over the years, and I loved covering with them while working on them. Not in the summer of course, lol.
But thanks for responding. I really like this site, and couldnt knit till I sat in front of the videos.

I let it rest in my lap - makes a good leg warmer…

I like to let it rest in my lap as well. Even though I live in a hot climate and it gets annoying sometimes, I still do it. Whenever I get discouraged and bored, I look at the work I already finished in the project, and it makes me feel better. I don’t want all the work I did before to go to waste, and, looking back, it is quite fun. I dunno, maybe I’m just weird like that, but it helps me :heart:

Yup, mine rests in my lap while I knit too. If I get too hot (those personal summers ya know) I’ll throw it to one side or let it fall in between my legs. I love to look at it after doing a few rows just to ohhh and ahhhh over it! LOL

I cover up with it too, which is why I only seem to want to do large things int he winter :slight_smile:

Wanda I love looking at it like that too…

Mine sits in my lap, but when I’m not knitting it I have started to put it in plastic bags.

Welcome to the world of knitting… :knitting:

Mine rests in my lap while I’m working on it. (Except in the ‘personal summers’) Then it waits politely in a knitting basket when I’m not working on it!

mines in a bag always as i have cats that just love to curl up on my lap whilst i knit lol.

im using my stash up right now knitting a bed spread for my sons bed. its soooo heavy as im doing it in double strand. but starting to look ok now lol.

i havent knitted an afgan, but guessing the bed spred is like it

welcome to the world of knitting, it is adictive isnt it. i learnt from the video’s on here as well about 2 years ago and havent put the needles down yet.


Always sits in my lap or on top of my yorkie if he happens to be sitting there too! :rofl: Since I discovered knitting straight on circs, I haven’t used anything else. It sure helps with the weight and keeping the hands from hurting so much.