What do I knit with Cotton thread yarn?

I bought some cotton thread yarn on my last visit to the yarn shop. It was an impulsive act and now I don’t know what I want to do with this yarn.

I used Ravelry’s yarn browser (very helpful) and found some patterns using this yarn. Most of the projects are doilies and I really don’t want to make those. I did find this cute doll dress and was wondering if I can use this yarn to knit a dress. It’s cotton and would be good for summer.

I recently visited my aunt who incidentally was knitting a t-shirt with this yarn. She held three strands together. The FO was loose and looked good. My question is, if hold 2 or more strands together then can I use this for any project?

BTW, I can’t crochet. I can only knit.

With cotton yarns I’ve made outfits for my DGD, toys, pot holders, a Christmas tree skirt, dish cloths, bath rugs, and afghans for a few friends allergic to wool.

If you go to www.knittingpatterncentral.com you can find patterns for all of these things and lots more.

I prefer yarns that are ‘stretchier’ but prefer cotton to acrylic yarns; wool is still my favorite thing to knit with.

I will have a look at pattern central site. Can you give me a link to the objects that you have knit? A blog with photos?

I had a look around the forums and I think what I have bought is crochet thread. Go figure! Now what can I do with this? I can’t crochet. So, what can I KNIT using a CROCHET thread?

Hi, I have used cotton thread to crochet a baby layette with hat and booties but not for knitting. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t knit with it as long as it meets your gauge. It seems to me that double or triple strand would work just fine.
That’s just MHO.:knitting:

I often use crochet thread as an alternative to the lighter yarns to knit lace patterns. You can do all kinds of things, just look for patterns that use 1 or 2 ply yarns in them.

Thanks for the replies all of you.

My mom knits doilies with crochet cotton. It’s a fine thread and they turn out so pretty and lacey!

I know Gina, so far I have found so many patterns for doilies, but I don’t want to knit doilies. I don’t need it and it is just going to be a waste.

I searched on knittingpatterncentral and found these two patterns which might suit my yarn:

  1. Baptism gown
  2. Christening gown

Neither of the patterns specify the yarn ‘ply’. May be I can hold 2 strands together and try and knit one of these?

My dd just bought some crochet thread and found it frustrating, even for learning to crochet. She stranded it double with some regular yarn. For Easter, she used some pink, yellow and green thread with white yarn for some little project she made up. But the colors were nice and with the worsted weight yarn, it was easy to work with.

Can you look on the band or tag for the thread and see what size it say’s it is?
Is it size 10, 20, 30? or maybe size 3, 5 or 8?
In crochet thread the bigger the number the smaller the gauge.
Size 3 would be comparable to a light worsted weight, size 5 to sport or dk, size 8 or 10 to fingering or laceweight.
Sizes 20-70 (yes there is a size 70, is comparable to silk sewing thread) these are definitely used with hook sizes or needles in the itty bitty range (12’s- 15’s) or (000’s- 000000’s).

You will get a better idea of what size of thread you are using by checking for the size number which should be on the tag or the band.
Hope this helps.

I made bookmarks with No. 10 crochet cotton. They are floppy, though (not for everyone). Starching didn’t help too much.

Hiya Skater,
Have you tried using a sugar/water solution for starching? It works great. A little sticky while it’s drying but once dry it’s quite stiff.:thumbsup:

Thanks. What kind of ratio (sugar to water) do you use?

Usually it’s 2:1 water:sugar.
Let’s say half cup sugar to one cup water.
K i got to lookin at that in print n hmmm maybe more like 4:1 is better.
1/4 c. sugar to one c. water.
The stiffer you want it the more sugar you add.
Boil the sugar and that water together til the sugar is totally dissolved. You can store this in a jar and use it whenever. Just make sure that the sugar is dissolved before you apply it (pour into a bowl big enough for you project and the sugar water, dampen your object first with regular water,wring out if possible, then place into the bowl with the sugar solution, saturate completely, take out and wring out or squeeze out in a towel. Pin out to your dimensions and let it dry for at least 24-48 hours til no longer sticky and your item is stiff) The nice thing about this is that you can launder your items and restarch them the same way. This is how they did it back in the day before all the fancy schmancy spray starch n stuff.

fibrenut, this thread I bought does not have a tag. My local yarn shops sell yarn loose (if you know what I mean) and I have never seen a tag on any of them. By looking at the thread I can say it is similar to 1-ply or 2-ply knitting yarn.

Skater, I think I will try making a bookmark or two. If they end up floppy, I can use fibrenut’s starching tip.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Magenta”]Hi, I’m a newbie but when I was knitting some time ago, I made a really cute tank top in white cotton yarn,was really cute…and simple,don’t have a patter for it now,but it’s a idea…also I made a sweater,w/cotton yarn,that was short sleeved,and open in front,no button holes etc. really simple and worn the thing out…perfect for summer evenings. just a idea. :inlove: [/COLOR][/FONT]

Thanks wholycow. If not the pattern, do you have a picture of your dress?

If the sugar water doesn’t work, there is a solution you can buy at your local craft store - I think it’s called “Stiffy.” I’ve used it and have been pleased with the results on thread bookmarks.