What do I do when I need to stop?

You know if I’m in the middle of a row or just finished a row and need to go do something, like eat, sleep etc. :teehee:

Just push the stitches away from the point and go eat. :teehee:

If they look like they might fall off, you can use a point protector, or just a rubberband to keep them from slipping off.

Of course, there really isn’t a GOOD reason to stop. . .

Thank you! You have been so helpful!

If you leave your work in the middle of a row be sure when you start in again that the yarn is coming from the right hand needle, if it isn’t you need to switch the work in your hands. You were going the other way. It is possible to work in the wrong direction if you don’t watch for that and end up with what is called short rows, so that you have more on one side than the other.

Oh I didn’t think about that. I’m trying not to stop in the middle of a row. The blanket I’m doing is done in squares. I don’t have the markers I keep reading about so I’m stopping at the end of rows (when I can. I have a 3 yr old). I’m also checking off the rows on the pattern when I’m done so I know which row I need to start. That’s the other thing I’m trying to keep up with.

If you don’t have markers and want them to mark things for you then you can use a different colored yarn tied in a loop. When I don’t have yarn handy I have been known to use ponytail holders.

Well, I haven’t figured out how to walk and knit at the same time (it would be way to embarassing the fifth time I tripped over my own two feet) but “knittin’ when ya get there” is always possible! And many of us have knit in our sleep. :smiley:

Have you not learned the magic knitting quote yet? Repeat after me, “At the end of this row. I’m almost finished with this row. I’ll get to it after this row.” See? Everything happens at the end of the row. Even bathroom breaks. It’s handy when the end of a row corresponds with a commercial break on TV, but since DVR I can’t even use that excuse now. :smiley:

My “problem” is when I am knitting in the round and if I stop the “end of a round” means letting my stitch marker risk falling off… so, I just [I]have[/I] to knit that next stitch, but then I’ll go ahead and knit some more stitches, well, maybe just a few more, well maybe finish this round… oops! Don’t want the stitch marker to fall off, better knit one stitch of the next round, okay, maybe a few more, etc etc etc… :roflhard:

It’s a never-ending circle… (pun intended!)

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=5][COLOR=red][B]Exactly ![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

lol i always stop in the middle of rounds or rows. Thank goodness for using circulars that are longer than the work requires so i can pull both ends through and hopefully not lose my work. :wink: but yes, just make sure that you have the work coming from the right needle … :doh: did that when i first started knitting and didn’t even realize it at first. thankfully i don’t fret TOOOO much about errors that aren’t easily visible…lol





I do the same thing!

I am still a definate newbie, but boy can I relate to the one more row theory!! I now dream of knitting, and can get real creative with stitch markers… Even the circle tops of a soda can holder, the plastic, can work in a pinch! Even used a safety pin when my kids hid my markers on me!!! Foam works pretty good to shove the points of the needles in to hold things on, just don’t move it around to much. A scrap piece of paper when doing repeated rows, I write out my repeats and put a tick down when done with a row and I can keep track of where I am pretty easy that way and does not mess up the pattern. Now mind you I have only been knitting for about 3 weeks, taught myself, and I am in LOVE!!! Made 3 hats and have 3 projects on needles right now :slight_smile:

Wow! I thought there was some law that said you never stop in the middle of a row!!! Unless someone is bleeding or there’s a fire. I can’t think of other reasons! Well… maybe if you’ve been putting off that bathroom break with “just one more row” until you’re desperate! :wink: I’m just kidding, of course, and all the ideas above are great. I saw a bracelet for knitters that said something like “just as soon as I finish this row” It would save having to say it! You could just lift the braceleted wrist toward the child or husband… LOL samm

and I thought I had “forgotten” to mention that episode:teehee: