What Did Your Children Dress Up As for Halloween?

I have teens, so they kind-of, sort-of dress up, but not like the little ones y’all have. What are your children dressing up as? Pictures?

This year, my son decided to dress up as John McCain. He lucked out and found a mask yesterday and put the rest of his outfit together.

I found this pin, which adds a nice touch:

My son started goofing around…

Lil’ Mitchie is Snow White. I had to alter her costume :slight_smile: (I’m crafty so it helps.)

We took her to Boo at the Zoo we have here and are letting her go to the church up the road for Trunk or Treat that they have every year.

No pictures yet but Taylor is Silvermist, Emily is Tinkerbell and Kimberly will be a ladybug, will post 'em after Halloween.

Mitchie, your daughter is adorable!

The only time I got crafty with costumes was when my children were toddlers. We lived in Miami, and I found two costume ideas in the magazine Family Fun. My daughter was a flower, and my son was a bumblebee. Apparently the costumes were meant for those residing in the northern states because the base was sweat pants and shirts. My kids nearly died from the heat when we went to a play date/party at the church. It must have been in the 80’s. But they were so cute, and I was tremendously proud of myself.

Yikes, that is scary!! :teehee:

My daughter wants to be a black cat this year so I knit her some kitty ears and a tail, and, my son wants to be a ghost…can ya get any easier than that?? lol…And, I found a sheet at Wal-Mart for 4 bucks :happydance:

Will hopefully have pics on Halloween night, last year the pics didn’t really turn out…I have no idea why pics never turn out very well at my mom and dad’s house, maybe it has something to do with their ghosts…lol

For a teenage girl, the coolest idea I’ve heard was an undead cheerleader.

My five year old boy has a pirate costume (with dreadlocks for hair from Pirates of the Caribbean). Not sure if we’re going to dress up our nine month old, but only because we haven’t found one in her size. If I found a costume that was too cute for words I would buy it.

Lil’ Mitchie’s 1st Halloween costume was a knitted/crocheted winnie the pooh that my MIL and SIL made for her. It was big enough that she got 2 yrs of wear out of it.

My dd is going to be a fairy princess, with a long gauzy dress that reaches the floor and some wings. It’s not really appropriate for these cold temps, but she’ll be wearing clothes under it, and her pink “fur” coat over it. She’s been saying for a year she would be Snow White (remembered all year, which is amazing since she’s only 4), but when she saw the wings on this other costume, well it was love.

No pics yet, but will post them when I get them.

Roo is going be a Southern Belle…Isaiah not sure what he is…he is going in all black and then wants me to paint his face up. :teehee: I’ll get picts of him on Thursday.

My 10-year-old DD is going as a gothic version of Raggedy Anne, IF she can get out of ballet class without her ballet teacher having a hissy fit.

This http://www.buycostumes.com/Goth-Ann-Child-Costume/20371/ProductDetail.aspx?REF=AFC-datafeed&AID=10273928&PID=2100672&SID=NAT319064-sc18435959 is not my daughter, but this is her costume.

Grant (6) is going as Batman. Jared (3) is Mr. Incredible. Bryce (1) is a penguin. The older boys picked out their costumes at Target. I picked out Bryce’s at the grocery store. Yeah, the GROCERY store! I was wandering through the seasonal aisle on my way out and saw a rack of costumes that looked cute. They only had a few that looked to fit him and I fell in love with the penguin. It said it was a few sizes too big, but it looked okay. I got it home and realized it was mis-marked and was too small. I took it back and found another one that was mis-marked a different size, but it was his size! So yeah, he’s a penguin!


Morgan (12) is going as a goth something or other girl- she’s wearing a purple and black corset dress we bought in Camden when we went to London with leggings and a turtleneck. Step-daddy dearest minored in theater, has more makeup than I do, and will do up her face.

Declan (5) will be a fireman again this year. He loves it- and we just had a field trip to the fire station last Friday so his interest is renewed (and he has a Jr. Fire Chief hat from the field trip- very handy since the helmet to his costume had broken)

I love all your pictures! Halloween is so much fun! :slight_smile:

Nathalie this is so funny! For us sweat pants were not enough… we needed to wear a snowsuit under our costume to go treat or treating (we lived in a little town up north, and we had snow on Halloween). Yup, wearing a snowsuit, hat, mittens and winter boots kind of ruin the effect when you’re supposed to be a princess! :lol:

Awww…you poor thing! I lived in Colorado when I was little, and I do remember those cold trick-or-treating evenings!

I’ll change the title of this thread on Halloween so others will post pictures too.

Love the Snow White and Southern Belle! :teehee:
I remember bundling up for trick or treating, we even had snow a few times.

Kewl!!! I wanna see that

Dustina, I LOVE Roo’s costume!

Emily (6) will be a vampiress, Abby (4) will be an angel. No costume required. (yeah, right!) Hee hee! :slight_smile:

My 10yo is going as Indiana Jones and my 4yo is going as a LEGO.
I really wanted them to go as Adam & Jamie from Mythbusters (the 4yo would have been Jamie) but my 10yo wouldn’t go for it.

ROFL that would have been cute. I love Adam and Jamie.

My oldest son will be a football player and the youngest will be a water boy (we have a BIG game that night.) Several surrounding schools are moving their 10/31 games to 10/30 to accommodate T or T and to come to see our game. :woohoo: