What did I do and can I fix it?

I already dropped one stitch to run a ladder and fix one mistake (slipped stitch) that was down about 10 rows… but I have no idea what I did with these two stitches and how/if I can fix them. I figured I’d ask here and see if any of you can tell what I did. This is a shawl in lace weight alpaca, entirely garter stitch on size 11s.

Ok, I’m having trouble loading the pictures…

Here’s the album they’re in… it’s pictures 3-6

It really doesn’t look all that bad. I don’t think there is an easy fix considering the pattern. You could tie a little piece of yarn on the back to close the hole that’s too big, but in the long run I suspect that you’ll be the only one to notice it.

The first 2 pics have a hole because you must have put down the work and picked it up again and started knitting in the other direction. I don’t know if you figured that one out, but at least I can help you there.