What comes next after the long tail cast on?

I’ve got the long tail cast on down cold (I love that sling shot method) but I never know what to do on the next row. The patterns always start with a RS row, but the long tail cast on creates what looks to me like a RS, so do I cast on and then pick up the pattern with the first WS row? Do I add a WS row before picking up the pattern? Or do I just cast on and start the pattern and ignore the fact that the cast on looks better from the other side?

I’m just about to start a simple ballband dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knits, so gauge isn’t crucial or anything, but I would like that pattern to be symmetrical, so I want to make the width of the bindoff stripe match the width of the cast on stripe.

Hope that made any sense at all. Thanks in advance!

:think: I always just start with Row 1 rather the pattern says RS or WS :oo:…

Great! the long tail cast on is also the basis for many other cast on’s!

the German (aka german twist, norwegian twist, twist) cast on is a variation of the Long tail… It make purl like bumps on front and back, and either side is perfect for the front.

don’t like the bumps? do the cast on *reversed or do it backwards, (hold yarn in right hand, needle in left…)

you can see how to do a reversed cast on by watching this you tube video…

(the video shows alternating standard and reverse… but its just as easy to every stitch reversed.) this would make ‘move’ the bumps to the wrong side.

There are other options, too, beyond long tail –

there are 40 + ways to cast on, and while i think LONG TAIL or a long tail variation are great (and i use this cast on 50% of time!) you do have options besides long tail

see a cast on tutorial starting here…

there are 4 parts, (and links to the next part at bottom of each page) Part 4 is a list of links to tutorials and videos (the best i could find…) and to a list of reference books

For the reasons you mentioned, Tresa, I usually considered my LT CO like a first row given its visual characteristics. Depending on the pattern I will then work the next row as Row 2 (WS) of the pattern. However, if I want a rev st, or garter, appearance on the RS then the CO is deemed the WS and my first RS row would follow.


It really doesn’t make a row, just start knitting the next row, or do row 1 of the pattern.